Once again, this is after I try going into the backend setup System. David Dean ddean-ieee wrote on If you have a lot of MythVideo content with artwork, and a graphically intensive theme, the image cache can grow very large, easily into the several GB range. The rectangle is about the size of the mouse cursor. Well if thats an approved ‘Bug Fix’ does that mean we’re stuck with it? That might tell you which Mesa version I have? Unfortunately, due to a bug in recent versions of nvidia-settings, this setting may not be preserved across reboots:

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I’ll add that and try the build as soon as I can maybe tomorrow now and let you know if that resolves anything.

Choosing Frontend Hardware

Steve Langasek vorlon on Does anyone have a solution? I am doing a brand new installation and I also encountered this bug.

Instead I have blocks of colour and no text. See full activity log. Just click on the raveon for the relevant chipset to see the details. As a newb it was beyond me to figure out how to add a PPA to a system that didn’t have a functional display. Since the video is encoded by the device, this bitrate can be reduced in the Recoding Profiles to allow use on slower hardware.


Choosing Frontend Hardware – MythTV Official Wiki

It’s something like “X Error: Right, you need to update the system after installation. When I install xorg-driver-fglrx after logging in and neither restart nor run “aticonfig –initial” Mythtv runs perfectly. The rectangle is about the size of the mythrv cursor. MythVideo uses mplayer by default to play your Videos.

Tearing of the OSD over a perfect video playback can be avoided by stopping playback, exiting playback, and re-starting playback of the stream.


I then installed the non-free driver the recommended version and restarted gdm from a console. Bug Watch Updater bug-watch-updater on The driver can currently be obtained via: Views Read View source View history. Find More Posts by migm.

The last functional version was 1: You may wish to disable your onboard sound card to make things less complicated.

Older version required the –enable-vdpau switch. So here’s what you can take from that:. Support for this was dropped from MythTV 0. The second workaround which works most of the time radwon to start the frontend as one user, let the black box as kythtv on the desktop, switch to another user and start the frontend again.


This bug was fixed in the package mesa – 7. Radeon, that might help narrow down where we’re finding the bug.

It is possible to do this by running the following commands. Unfortunately I was using X. Run another dist-upgrade at CET Thursday 19th March and the problem still exists, even with radeon driver update.

VDPAU – MythTV Official Wiki

The Raspberry Pi 3 is capable of running an SD frontend without the additional cost or complexity of purchasing a licence. Once again, this is after I try going into the backend setup System.

In talking with mario it seems this bug is an aggregation of several unrelated bug reports. This howto assumes that you mplayer has no sound.