My workaround was just to sleep 5 before starting mythtv-backend. The front-end doesn’t see to be working correctly it can’t find the backend but I can see the file through MythTVweb. MythBuntu distro includes no PDF reader. Fedora 10 stock kernel 2. MythTV in now online. I am running spdif with nvidia

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Without a significant amount of configurations you will end up with a nice looking front end that does nothing. SPDIF works fine with versions at least several months older than these.

This example shows an NVidia GeForce GT card, with two drivers available — the xserver-xorg-video-nouveau driver, which is the default; and the proprietary nvidia-driverwhich supports VDPAU.

I now have 25 digital channels including 3 HD channels. Can you please post your output of mythbuntu- log-grabber so we can see if there are some pending issues in there? Having trouble installing a piece of hardware?

Got this to work this weekend on Ubuntu 9. You need to find the digital output you want to use, Digital or HDMI and note the card and device numbers.

Every thing seems to have gone well, I still need to update the server. Retrieved from ” http: This wiki might help: This page was last modified on 22 Januaryat Going up to a 2.


Thomas Mashos tgm wrote on The way that I read that, it looks like you have multiple mythbackend processes spawned simultaneously, and coincidently one of them starts to work. Just replaced the intel heatsink with a “Scythe Shuriken” it’s a pain in the ass to install but the results are looking very good.

UbuntuHelp:MythBuntu 8.10 Install Tips

mytgbuntu It is good practice to upgrade your system if it is not working and to not upgrade it if it is working without problems. The Apache web server is listed as “httpd” and the Linux kernel is listed as “linux”. Try setting up a static address. Enables the use of system events in some cases when the X driver is waiting for the hardware. When i had a 2.

No Sound w/NVidia GT, SB Audigy2 ZS in Mythbuntu/Mythdora

This will extract the contents, without running the included installer script. This nvida now my mythtv-backend. Is this something that there’s a workaround for, or should I just resign myself to not having sound as long as I’m using an Nvidia graphics card?

Not logged in Log in Help. At the moment the temperatures look abit odd coretemp doesn’t support the CPU in the. I am running spdif with nvidia It isn’t a great solution, but it certainly works for me. I’ll write a small HowTo this weekend when I get the time.


Retrieved from ” mythguntu Mythbackend now starts automagically after a reboot No idea which of the updates corrected the problem but corrected it is. Mythdora ymthbuntu and Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.

UbuntuHelp:MythBuntu Install Tips – Ubuntu中文

In an attempt to reduce clutter, please limit your entry to a maximum of two pictures with respective thumbnails. They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own. Development of Mir was dropped inthough. Sometimes I’m having issues getting the DVICO Card to work all the time its very temperamental to updates but works great when it’s working iRTans is a bit of a pain to get working but I recommend looking at http: First, verify the availability of appropriate hardware and software by typing ubuntu-drivers devices.