Does it display the desktop or just the feed coming into the card? If they’re really going to be illegal I think I’ll get like 3 or so. I’d be good to go to capture off a satellite feed This card only works with OTA over the air antenna reception. Jul 11, Posts: Jul 5, Posts:

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Jul 5, Posts: I need to start drinking more coffee before reading Ars in the morning. Although I’m not sure how you could boot without a vid card.

Now there’s a source for all that high-definition reference material you’ve been mpd-100 to demonstrate to your friends.

Now if I confused you when I mentioned playing a laserdisc in the last paragraph let me clarify. Page 6 of So why not add it to your HTPC? The MDP includes a small, yet well designed and functional remote control, which communicates with an IR sensor that hooks up to the serial port on your PC.

I have not tried running the card without the fan.

The built-in carrier recovery circuitry, along with mmdp-100 equalization scheme results in robust and dependable demodulation even when the VSB pilot is lost. I use xi or xp resolutions. Thu Sep 16, 4: Recording HDTV requires about 8. I saw that this volume reset was happening when I closed the application.


I don’t want to get rid of my Nightingale Pro 6, but if I have to I want to get an inexpensive, yet fully capable sound card. I’ve gone as far as installing a W power supply, 3 mm cooling fans an a new CPU cooling fan and can still not get the darn thing to work like it should.

MyHD MDP HDTV Tuner Card : Moe’s HTPC

However, thus far broadcasters have not been using any HDCP protection. This helps a lot, my laserdiscs look great. The NXT also includes a built-in signal quality indicator for quick antenna alignment and fast signal acquisition.

I’ve never attempted to overclock it, however, so I cannot make any promises regarding the maximum overclock you’ll be able to achieve.

I was basing this off some tv network engineers interpretation of the law mdp-1100 www. The mghd of a manufactorer making such a product that would have very limited appeal to the consumer, is fairly small. So buy them before then if you think you will want t ocapture hdtv sometime in the next 10 years.

Official MyHD MDP Thread – Page 6 – AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

The TeraLogic Janus 8-VSB decoder processes large mybd of data, thereby off-loading the processor to perform other necessary functions in the environment. If you want more info, PM me and tell me how to dig-up the info!


Got a link to the discussion on avsforums? Apr 21, Posts: However, I mvp-100 read the full rule very carefully yet, and it looks like the rule may also allow recording the stream as long as the broadcast flag is retained and the content can only be played on one device.

HDTV capture card, Price drop for MYHD MDP-120 card

Someone better tell those Crimecast bastards. What are these shadow streaks im getting from moving characters? You do need a good signal to avoid dropout and luckily for us, we have a clear line-of-sight to the towers. West Point, UT Registered: Agreed on the last couple of points. What’s this about needing a card to do playback?

Takes me about 10 hours to re-encode a 42 minute show, or about 30 hours to re-encode a 2 hour movie.