Cons Only three USB 2. A Turbo button next to the Eco button can be used when the notebook is plugged into a mains outlet and in high-performance mode. Apart from that, the offered image quality is rather good. Coupled with a stiff spring-back action, typing on the GX for long periods can be tiresome and leave your documents laden with errors. Doing this, the manufacturer not only refurbished the built in hardware but also gave the whole notebook a new design, or rather a new case. With a mere Laptops by Joshua Goldman Dec 12,

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The pictures show before and after we turned the Turbo Battery mode on. What happens in Turbo mode?

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Msu changes abruptly as soon as one sets DX9 to DX This side features the third USB2. Do you have access to an HDMI television? Even most netbooks have three dedicated USB 2.

The inner levels are presented with an average of 62 fps. Then there is the keyboard; it has mostly full-sized keys One of the most appealing features are the sensor keys, where you’ll find the on-the-fly Turbo key, which overclocks the Msii from 2.


The HDMI port finds its place on the back side. It will run current games but not at a high detail level.

Responsible for the mobility is a long Lithium-Ion battery with mAh and What is the resolution of the monitor? Nvidia is looking to shake up the gaming laptop scene with powerful new GPUs, while other PCs pitch added privacy. It’s only smoothly playable with 29 31 fps in a resolution of x pixels. The measurements on the bottom side of our test candidate left nothing to be desiredeither. The laptop had no OS installed, so we ended up using our own copy of Vista Business edition.

The GPU was rewarded with only a slight mis more All specifications are subject to change without notice.

MSI GX – can’t turn on HDMI output

A GB hard disk from Western Digital is used for the mass storage. According to our measuring instrument a maximum of 34 dB was noted down to a minimal level of slightly over 30 dB The hard drive recorded a transfer rate of The Turbo option helped a bit, and resulted in fps more depending on the location within the level.

What the closure concerns, the manufacturer MSI does without the standard closure mechanisms and builds on magnetism for the Mai GX The two mouse keys, hdml seemed bit stiff to us, do their job quite well, too.


The extensive hfmi barely leaves anything to be desired. The same applies to the corners. It comes with a dpi laser, but you can use the CD-provided software to increase the maximum dpi count. The width of the screen allows you to line up documents side hcmi side, and the height of the screen means you can view Web pages more comfortably. This, combined with the built in hardware Intel Core 2 Duo P with 2.

We forgot to mention that the packaging also includes a piece cloth intended for cleaning your monitor. With this, we come to the biggest weakness of our test device.

Besides the USB 2. The base doesn’t get overly warm unless its vents are blocked so it’s best to always keep the GX on a flat and sturdy surface. The offered performance is right, just like the gaming potential, as well as the workmanship and the price.