I am trying to use both devices simultaneously. Volume Controls are erratic up did not work, down did, adjusting volume on ipod irrelevant , the design wicks sweat into the earbuds from your head, the earbuds move a lot if you are exercising and effect the sound, and, finally, they are uncomfortable. Hi Steve, the iPhone track selection issue you describe sounds like normal behavior for an iPhone pre-iOS 4. Neil, You made a fantastic review! Included is the headset, charging chord, quick start booklet, and three 3 factory sealed sets of ear pieces.

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SHD Stereo headset in bulk. I wanted to listen to music on my ipad while still being able to answer calls on my blackberry Comment by sammi Dec 27, I went for a brief run with my phone in the front and then back pocket of my shorts, and the SHD held the signal without dropouts in both cases. High definition audio ensures you’ll enjoy your music in rich surround sound. I sweat a lot and they have never given dd10 a problem. Neil, You made a fantastic review! Comment by rs yahoo,com Feb 18, Reply.

PC Mag missed the fact that the different earbuds have a massive impact upon the sound quality of the SHD. I appreciate your reviewhowever your readers will only benefit from avoiding having their hard earned money to be spent on something that is not what it claims to be.


You are commenting using your WordPress. On the downside some people find they grip too firmly and become uncomfortable.

The one thing worth mentioning about the SHD is that they can be a problematic fit with some types of sunglasses. I bought these brand new about ds10 years ago.

All controls worked as advertised seek and pause. Just gotta be more careful while taking the helmet off.

Motorola SHD | eBay

The band at the back dont bother, it stays out of the helmet. Ss10 am trying to use both devices simultaneously. If Motorola, along with other manufacturers, could resolve the minimum volume issue then the SHD would be pretty close to perfect.

Included is the headset, charging chord, quick start booklet, and three 3 factory sealed sets of ear pieces. One of my issues with the S9-HD was that it often lost the Bluetooth signal when walking in open areas or far from other objects, with the phone in my trouser pocket.

Mag Comment by Mag Apr 8, Reply.

Motorola SHD stereo Bluetooth headphones review « TheONbutton Durham Computer Services

This site uses cookies. I want to know if they will pair and work correctly. They grip the head firmly and are designed to be more sweat resistant than the BackBeat. The sound quality motorol ok at best.


Motorola S10-HD

Alternatively you could put the music on your BlackBerry and then when a wd10 comes in the headset would switch to the call. Some devices surrender control of volume to the Bluetooth headset, and both the iPad and Bold behaved this way with the SHD. Hey Andrew from Italy, Ive tried to use the headphones under the helmet and it fits well.

I was kinda upset about it… I went to look at prices for another set and found out about the S If your cellphone allows you to control music volume on the phone when connected to motoro,a stereo Bluetooth headset then this will probably not be an issue for you at all.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Took them for a 4 mile run and had no problems with sweat I sweat a good bit on my runs. Uses any micro usb charging cable. The winds of change look to be blowing in the right direction though. Hi, thanks for the review.