We have looked at other similar features from other board makers, and I am not too sure that this is really that useful of a feature for most, but someone may like it. So, if you are building a system around this and you have, say, an i5 like we use here in the review, you still have to have a graphics card. It assists system to obtain optimal performance to meet the O. I am wondering how those run and overclock on that chipset. Before eJiffy can be used though, you have to install it onto your hard drive via your primary OS. X and Google Assistant.

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ECS Elitegroup H55H-M V Motherboard, H55H-M

Individual AUTO settings allow users to experiment with one setting at a time while they get to grips with how things work—we always encourage board vendors to provide such options. Yep supported, up-to MHz and in the end if you do not want to use the embedded graphics from the processor, then you can even pop in a full x16 PCIe graphics card and make a wicked gaming rig out of this very handy H55H-I motherboard.

Under-voltage fans will also be disappointed to find out that there are no options to set the CPU core voltage below stock on the current BIOS. Here we spot four ports and one eSATA, dual channel memory?

Sticking with the stock CPU multiplier ratio, we did manage to obtain a quick 4. You promised in Part1! The new generation Clarkdale system also gives a massive memory bandwidth for multi-task processing.

The simple inclusion of a watchdog timer or POST attempt counter would make this board far more overclocking friendly. There is no automated overclocking recovery feature in the BIOS and there are no profile save locations to fall back on, so you’ll have to re-enter all of your settings again from scratch.


ECS H55H-M – 1.0 – motherboard – micro ATX – LGA1156 Socket – H55

Applying processing power where it’s needed most with faster, intelligent, multi-core technology, and delivering an incredible breakthrough in PC performance. It is a small form factor board, so it is a board that you will look at for a nice HTPC setup.

We intend to find out if the performance of this little board would be worthy of placing this h55h- your next system. While the H55H-M V1 is the cheapest board in our roundup, there’s no excuse for having a partially functional BIOS, or holding back on user-friendly options that require some additional BIOS code to make the board competitive with other vendor products.

Face it, they sell a dime a dollar and the volume on budget products is just so high compared to say high-end products. Yes you’d have a fairly high performance ‘regular’ PC which certainly doesn’t have to be expensive. Before eJiffy can be used though, you have to install it onto your hard drive via your primary Motherboxrd.

There is certainly room for improvement in the memory timing department too; there are no individual AUTO functions for any of the DRAM sub-timings; you either leave them all on AUTO as a group or have to set all of them manually. SATA ports are all right angled allowing access when longer peripheral cards are inserted into any of the slots.

ECS H55H-M V1 – Choosing the Best H55/H57 Motherboard, Part 2

Once you’ve done that, you’ll find it takes just as long to boot into Windows 7 as it motherboarf to boot eJiffy—we fail to see the appeal of this software. The CMOS jumper is placed at the lower right hand corner of the board, something that you’ll be reaching for frequently on the current release BIOS if overclocking this board more on that subject in the overclocking section below.


DVI transmits a digital signal from a digital location in the graphics card to a digital location on the display screen. motehrboard

Board Layout Page 3: As you can see, the H55 chipset supports 12 USB 2. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. P55 for quads or H55? The only way to use an 8-pin EPS 12V connector is to bend the leads of the 12V input coil to make enough room—not exactly ideal. So you get the full clarity and stability of liquid crystal technology — with sharp, clear pixels.

Choosing the Best H55/H57 Motherboard, Part 2

It has 1 DVI port to deliver smooth blu-ray playback quality with Clarkdale’s 32nm integrated graphics. It all leads to: Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Pair this with one of the newest Intel core i3 or i5 Clarksdale processors with integrated graphics, and you already have the big three pieces of hardware that you will need for the setup of a new system. h555h-m

Furthermore, the VT technology is enhanced to support h55b-m multimedia application including video playback and 3D games. With all that in hand now, we can take a closer look at the board itself and see what it has to offer. It can tune your system for extra performance and feed your need for speed.

Log in Don’t have an account? I am mothsrboard how those run and overclock on that chipset. Test Setup Page 5: