I’m putting in another Newegg order anyhow, so I figured just add it on. Thu May 05, That way, if the cable fits it works. Ars Tribunus Militum et Subscriptor. NONE of my cables will talk to the signs, at all. This converter UPort is a USB to 4-port RS serial converter which is identical to the UPort , the only difference is that this converter has 4 serial ports whereas the Uport has only 2 serial ports. LordAthens Ars Praefectus Tribus:

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If you find a USB to Serial RS adapter with any one of these processor chips it will most likely be compatible with your seriaal and any version of Windows, Linux and Mac, and you will be able to easily install the drivers and communicate with your device.

I know it won’t work with the controllers I use as the DB9 connector sits back on the controllers baseplate. Wed May 11, 4: Only one cable now!

SUNIX – USB to I/O Adapter

Jul 1, Posts: Useful optional accessories not included. Sep 16, Posts: Keyspans can be annoying to use under Linux. Tue May 03, 7: The “recessed” connector doesn’t really come into play unless you have cables with gigantic shells.


Aug 31, Posts: The same drivers installed on a nearly identical machine worked fine. GUCA with the newest drivers from them, works with everything, always has, no glitchyness.

I use it exclusively with OSX and I cannot recall any driver issues, though that doesn’t necessarily help you. If so, windows will attempt to assign unique device names, otherwise it gets the first available.

The major reason for this is that the low-cost adapter is made with a low-cost processor chip. This is based on whether the chip has a unique serial number or not. Nov 28, Posts: Wed May 04, 7: It uses an FTDI chipset.

Wed May 04, 6: In my line of work I use serial on a near daily basis. Buy now, you’ll thank me later. Like I said, I could carry a DB9 cable with it, but that’s more clutter.

Moxa USB to Serial Adapter, 4-ports

Thanks for everyone’s recommendation on the FTDI chipset cable. Ars Tribunus Militum et Subscriptor.


Serial to Ethernet Converters. When you invest in a USB to Serial adapter you usually pay for what you get.

The Truth About USB to Serial RS232/RS485 Adapters

Thu May 05, 6: Thu May 05, 1: The software requires that they talk atso I have a feeling that is part of the issue all of my other stuff talks fine at To learn more about serial communication, mosvhip and support please go to www. Thu May 05, 9: Lots of other stuff that tp work, but the Keyspan has worked with everything so far.

Serial to Ethernet Converters.

Mar 26, Posts: Jan 10, Posts: