With your imaging software running, use your primary SCT focuser to bring a star to focus. This provides the correct spacing and adds much needed weight on the focuser side of the telescope. Description Accessories User reports Description: The Shaft Lock mechanism is a unique mini brass compression ring clamp that allows the user to lock the shaft without deflecting the drawtube. The controller has a remote temp probe, digital display for temp, position, voltage.

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There are plenty of internet resources available for advanced features including the FocusMax User Group on Yahoo. The unit has collimation screws to adjust the focusers angle to the tube if required and as an option a focus lock can be supplied. Alexander Pope wrote in his Essay on Criticism “Whoever thinks a faultless piece to see, thinks what never was, nor is, nor ever shall be” But then he didn’t own a Moonlite focuser which is simply – poetry.

Check FM and it should also show a position of zero. The Shaft Lock mechanism is a unique mini brass compression ring clamp that allows the user to lock the shaft without deflecting the drawtube.

There is no image shift with this style of shaft lock system, perfect for imaging set ups maintaining critical focus. Now lets look at the racked up requirements. USB cable, and DB9 9pin motor cable included Remote temp probe included Controllers operate unipolor type stepper focuseg Temp can be calibrated for offset Non volatile memory for current position after power loss.

For this initial focus step I like to use a bright star, mag 2 or brighter.


Installing a MoonLite Refractor Focuser

It too has a compression ring to joonlite all of your eyepieces the benefit of compression mounting. Moonlite added a new shaft lock system to the left knob allowing the focusers position to be locked using a micro compression ring clamp on the left knob.

Keeping the surfaces clean will keep the focuser operating at optimal performance. This new miniV2 controller is designed to be used by a PC or its manual buttons and focsuer control knob for manual operation at the scope.

Moonlite Focuser Review

The Moonlites fittings focser quite match perfectly to the holes left behind by the Sky-Watcher unit which required me to file two of the holes out to a slightly larger size. The tri-knob version has three knurled knobs which control the tension of the compression ring and will hold any eyepiece to a near perfect centre.

The rotator is a double row bearing design that installs between the focuser’s existing upper and lower flange assembly. The machining was perfection and the fit and finish was simply amazing.

With a mag 4 star centered and roughly in focus, we’re just about ready to run our first V-curve. It even matched my nails! Shopping cart is empty.

Moonlite 2″ Crayford Newtonian focuser – 1:8 – with Shaft-Lock

A rotation ring to allow the focuser to rotate around which works beauatifully with almost zero image shift and the shaft lock feature which securely locks the focuser. The rotator kit can be purchased separately, or it can be picked at the time the focuser is purchased and would be pre installed.

It is adjusted fairly tight at the time of assembly and focusdr a little use to come up to peak performance. Measure the minimum “racked down” height and the fully “racked up” height.


Full ASCOM support allows both focus and rotator to be used at the same time with 1 dual port controller. The focuser tension can be adjusted using some allen headed bolts under the focuser although I cant imagine many eyepieces would require this, even my 38mm Panaview which is a pretty heft unit at around 1.

The Moonlite never deviates from perfect centreing as you move the focus. This was more a case of experimentation more than a real problem and patience as ever paid dividends.

The drawtube pressure can be adjusted to each user’s preference. Here’s a sneak peek: They are the same size as the focusers foot print 2. This requires two measurements: It may look like ‘astro bling’ but the Moonlite is a superb piece of engineering that will make focusing a dream. I acquired a Skywatcher Skymax Pro Maksutov and one of the the things I found really annoying with this otherwise fine telescope was its image shift caused by the focuser.

Adapter Barr and Stroud Berlebach. The drawtube has been polished to remove all machine marks and hard anodized resulting in the action having a super smooth feel. To maintain the CF focusers performance, keep all bearing and shaft riding surfaces clean.