An install script installs the package. Press G grid to clear the screen and display a grid that you can use as a drawing guide default setting. User is responsible for determining whether the 3M Touch Systems, Inc. If the globe begins to spin, the sensor recognized your touch as a double-click. Slide your finger to the new location. If MT 7 does not find the sensor, check that the sensor is connected properly. Face the display directly.

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Avoid using gritty cloths. Pressing this button restores 3M Touch System factory-set system defaults. If you continue to need additional accuracy along microtoych edges, use the Edge Adjustment tab.

If you use this mivrotouch, or if touch is inaccurate after calibration, change the ConvertAtRead value to “true”. If this happens you will need edit the xorg. Because of this, a dialog appears during installation asking you to select a driver.

This guess is occasionally wrong.

3M MicroTouch Software MT7 – 3M Touch Systems – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Typically, an isopropyl alcohol and water solution ratio of If the entry is missing or there is an error in the log file, refer to the section above, “Troubleshooting the Init Script”. The method to do this is specific to your system’s distribution. If you run the Install script and then discover errors, always run the Remove script to undo the installation.


Whether you hear a sound when you touch the sensor. You may need to redo the Sensor Frequency at this time. It is recommended that you recalibrate the touch sensor after you run the Sensor Frequency option. Be careful to keep your imcrotouch fingers away from the sensor as you touch the target.

Issue the command tar xzf twscreen. Here, the X must be uppercase.

Touch each corner and along the edges of the sensor. If your SELinux is in a directory other than these, change the definition of one of these variables. For example, if you record an installation using the “Upgrade” option and replay it on a system without MT 7 for Windows, the installation may fail. If you do not have a multiple display setup, you do not need to use this field. Customers appreciate 3M’s total solution approach of providing a complete touch system sensor, controller and software developed by a dedicated 3M engineering team that has been thoroughly tested to perform as expected in the field, helping reduce customer design cycle and testing requirements.

If you are using a pen stylus, be sure to perform the calibration procedure using the pen. These 3M Touch Systems, Inc.


User guide | 3Mâ„¢ MicroTouchâ„¢ Software MT 7 User Guide

For example, drawing a curve inside a draw application may produce ragged mmt and the cursor may lag behind. Can you touch into the corners and along the edges of the sensor?

The area you have defined appears as a colored area as shown below. To exit this program at any time during the process, press Escape.

You may need to edit the TWDrvStartup script to work with your system. When you install MT 7 software, you have several installation options: Controller The Restore Controller option is useful if you have reconfigured the controller and need to get back to a working state.

If you press Escape or do not touch the sensor within twenty seconds, the system automatically cancels the calibration process with no change to the current settings.

User is responsible for determining whether the 3M Touch Systems, Inc. On some systems, you may need to run in single user mode run level 1 on some systems.

When you are satisfied with all selections, continue by hitting Next.