The Preview Window The appearance of the Scan Material Status icon changes, depending on whether your scan material is reflective, positive, or negative. Conversely, if your scan frame encloses a darker part of the image and then apply Auto, the entire image becomes lighter. Using the Sample Size button It will be dimmed if the current view is already the full page preview. Take note of the following: The Brightness, Contrast and Exposure BCE tool changes the brightness, contrast, and exposure setting of the entire image. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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It’s also because the final size is so small that anything over dpi is really unnecessary. Color Preview This option applies only to three-pass color scanners, and is enabled only if Live Preview is not selected. For most applications, scans of up to dpi are adequate.

After a second warm-up period, the scanner carries out a self-test, with the scanner carriage moving back and forth about a half-inch. The input dimensions can be changed only if your Aspect Lock is off, and this is evident because only the input dimensions are active not grayed out. At its simplest, the tool is used to crop preview images for final scanning. You can experiment with this feature to see what it does, however, and how it interacts with the input levels.

When you click on the icon and hold down the mouse, you’ll see the Negative Film option checked.

Microtek ScanMaker E3 SCSI User`s manual |

Feb 26, Microtek scanmaker The x axis of the graph represents the original brightness values of the pixels, from 0 to ; the y axis microtwk the new brightness values.


Click “Add” to insert your video. The enlarged view obtained from the zoom preview tool is NOT the same as the view obtained from the Magnifying Lens tool, which is simply an enlarged view but not in high resolution. The output dimensions can be changed only if the Aspect Lock is ON. For reflectives or positives, the Tints tool lets you adjust hue and saturation.

6ft MicroTek ScanMaker E3 Plus (EPP) USB A to USB B Scanner cable Scanning cord

A color scan job will have a color image-type icon; a grayscale scan job will have a gray image-type icon; and a line art or halftone scan job will have its corresponding image-type icon. Mictotek in any of the triangles above the input boxes will change the values in the boxes.

Note In the event of a scanner malfunction, or if Item 4 does not work because there is no power, you can also rest the scanner on its back and wait for the carriage to start moving to the back. Click OK to close this dialog box. When the image is ready to be scanned, clicking on the Scan button will activate the scanning process, and the image will then be lpus to your target application.

In the scanning software, scaling has an inverse relation to resolution: While in the AIE dialog box, you can see micrktek displays of the image, make changes and see the effects applied in real time see “before” and “after” versions instantly.

If the value you enter is too low or too high, the minimum or maximum resolution value is entered for you instead. The Tool buttons simplify the performance ppus certain tasks.


The Settings Window The Window Expansion button The Window Expansion button lets you expand the Settings window to its full size, with microttek bottom half of the window revealing the image-enhancement controls. To rename a scan job, highlight the title and type over a new name.

Replacement for Microtek ScanMaker E3 & E3 Plus

Using a combination of the Shadows and Highlights tool together with the Curve tool gives you the most precise control for adjusting the tonal values of your image.

Adept at storing bitmaps in many different resolutions, color models, and compression types, and supported by many commercial applications. The ScanWizard’s ability to process various scan jobs concurrently adds tremendous flexibility to scanning.

Choose from the following options: The commands also have their tool-button counterparts in the form of three arrowheads on the right mocrotek of the toolbar. In the example above, the cursor is pointing to the exact middle of the curve, with a value of on the 0-to pixel scale. The Information Window Sample Size Options This determines the expanse of color information to be made available.

The buttons are the Pointer, Zoom Frame, and Hand. For comparison purposes, anything above 2. Assume you have two scan jobs, Scan Microtel 1 and Scan Job 2.