Basically this is what I want: But is it possible to fix the device part? Smart Card, specification for Integrated Circuit s Cards. Wednesday, May 16, 8: They appear as the combination of a smart card plus a USB smart card For class 2 smart card readers, contact your Citrix representative; Many smart card readers can use the CCID device driver supplied by Microsoft. This is a unique value that can be used to identify different classes of smart cards.

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Edited by Pavel A Wednesday, May 16, You will the install your umdf virtual smart card driver on this child device. Drivers for Select Smart Card Products: They can create additional devices PnP children mmicrosoft legacy Installation of drivers for these new devices occurs somewhere else, and at unspecified time usually in a few seconds, but can vary.

Microsoft generic CCID driver usbccid.sys

Remove From My Forums. So you see, in Windows, a simple driver requires some minimal level of cooperation from the hardware.

Basically this is what I want: Wednesday, Genwric 16, 8: Except that kernel mode drivers do not install any other drivers. I started a new project and am simply trying to do anything with UMDF 2, the problem is that the samples provided are way too different from what I want to do to even start and the documentation seems extremely scarce.


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Friday, May 11, 9: Do I need to install microslft for the smart card reader? The device amongst others Microsoft Windows is not needed. Friday, May 11, 5: Wednesday, May 9, 6: However, smart card and fingerprint hardware seems to function normally.

Microsoft generic CCID driver | PC Review

Right now I’m trying to do the same under Windows, first I would like to know what this would be, is it a minidriver, a filter driver miccrosoft a function driver? Smart Card, specification for Integrated Circuit s Cards. Your best bet is to start with the toaster sample and merge the filter example with the static bus driver example. Friday, May 11, 6: If you implement the CCID usb spec you get the inbox class driver.

If you looked to the System event log, you would probably find a message like this: But is it possible to fix the device part? Wednesday, May 9, 3: Axalto The driver will not send a new command to a slot until the ending.

Considering that the device part cannot be changed for a better one, what would be feneric best way to implement this for Windows? Wednesday, May 9, 5: I have a USB device prototype which acts as a storage device and smart card reader combined.


Microsoft Update Catalog

After a bit more of research it seems that I would grneric a “Filter Driver” that would attach to the device when it gets plugged in and the Vendor and Product ID matches, then somehow create a virtual smart card device which exposes the smart card functions, at that point I can just do what I want using WinUSB, is this correct?

Sign in to vote. That filter driver will enumerate a child device and be a bus driver.

In Vista the driver used is the generic MS test. Discover the magic of the Internet. Many microsoft class drivers for usb ccid smart cards download beginners and not only beginners among Internet users often hear phrases like: Tuesday, May 15, 2: