Leading universities, libraries and private companies around the world choose the e-ImageData ScanPro for it’s proven track record of performance, ease-of-use reliability and value, there are thousands of these microfilm scanners in constant use. They use precision ground steel guides and steel bearings for reliability and long life. You just mount the roll film on your motorized roll film carrier and the remote operator does the rest. Cutting edge software, including advanced OCR technology lets you automatically locate selected words on your microfilm and and to link to secondary sources of information when doing research. The ScanPro is the only scanner that has been designed so that ALL the controls, roll film image movement, focus, image adjustment, enhancement, image cropping, and scanning are right on the viewing screen. Now you can use your ScanPro to help you make the most out of your investment in micofilm.

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Before entering the basic controls of the microfilm program, first let us become familiar with the basic components micrlfilm the machine:. The diagram is shown below. Who Can Be Vikmans Resseler!

High Performance and Amazing Low Cost

The ScanPro uses the latest digital technologies to provide powerful features not found in any other microfilm equipment. These OCR features are bundled together as the PowerScan Productivity Suite and work with the microfilm image that you see on the view screen. It doesn’t have external brackets, lens rings, and operator assembly adjustments that can be misadjusted or damaged.

Its cutting-edge software offers a wide variety of viewing and editing functions while remaining easy to use. If no light, turn on power switch at back right rear of the scanner. The ScanPro is only 7.


Vikmans Multimedia India Pvt. Ltd. :: ScanPro Microfilm Scanners Scanners

First Floor – near the Research Help Desk. Easy-to-use software that adds value. You just mount the roll film on your motorized roll film carrier and the remote operator does the rest. It is that easy.

Getting Started Check for a small green power light on the front of the scanner. AUTO-Scan is optional software that operates with your ScanPro and your motorized combination roll film carrier UCC carrier for 35mm and 16mm microfilm or Miceofilm carrier for 35mm, 16mm, and cartridge M microfilm to automatically scan your microfilm. The AUTO-Scan software automatically moves the film image into the viewing midrofilm and positions the image on the view screen, stops the film, straightens the image, crops the image and saves the image to the specified folder in the selected file format and then continues to the next image until finished.

OCR for features and automatic-scanning for microfilm.

See the features of the microform scanner of choice for librarians, researchers and corporations in action. Some film is difficult to automatically scan and we want to make sure that you know how AUTO-Scan works with your film before committing to a purchase. They can provide real-time operator training for individuals or for groups, demonstrate the latest new features and provide tips and suggestions on setting up your ScanPro to get the most out of your investment in microforms.

Motorized Roll Film Control A: This microfilm scanner is designed for the rigors of public use applications and provides many powerful, time saving scaanpro for working with your microform images quickly and efficiently.

ScanPro 2000 Microfilm Scanner –

Printer-friendly version of this guide PDF. The e-ImageData OCR features are revolutionizing the way researchers, genealogists, librarians and patrons use microfilm. When AUTO-Scan is installed on your computer the full version or the free demo version an AUTO-Scan button is added to your microfil of buttons and can at anytime be added to your toolbar for automatic batch scanning.


CLICK the pencil tool to draw around the area to be edited. They use precision ground steel guides and mictofilm bearings for reliability and long life.

How to use the ScanPro | Subject and Course Guides

We currently scan microfilm with our AUTO-Scan software and plan to add the capability to scan fiche soon. Now you can use your ScanPro to help you make the most out of your investment in micofilm. No other microfilm scanner provides that capability. The ScanPro can be a microfilm reader pinter and with a single click the ScanPro will cross-over to creating microfikm collections from all of your microfilm.

Second Floor – outside the Graduate Computer Lab. High Speed, be sure to pull carrier forward to open micdofilm C: To load the microfilm, pull the carrier handle outwards until the glass slate opens wide to about a 45 degree angle. From here, a diagram should appear on the screen, displaying the proper way to load a film reel. That feature maintains image focus throught optical zoom at all times.