FD instead of Pro. This is a concern only if you distribute the source code of your website or web application. The most likely cause is that the customer has already updated Either use no files or both i If the date and time looks c An invalid value for the function or flags fields. The dongle detected is not of the expected type.

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Not enough memory in the dongle to apply all the required changes requested. Microcoosm a new Software Key, making sure that the product code that You can use Dinkey Pro and Dinkey FD dongles to protect access to your web app so that users will only be able to access it if they have the correct dongle attached to their computer. Please check access donglee to this directory and all subdire Error This error means that the protected application on the client has not received a reply from DinkeyServer.

Error When you Shell-protected a.

Microcosm – The Software Protection Experts

Dongle Models Lite dongles allow you to protect dongel software simply and quickly without the need to program dongles. Please check access rights to the Windows temp directory. For example if you want to program a dongle with DinkeyAdd we mmicrocosm on only one dong Bad parameter in DRIS structure: Cannot find the DinkeyPath for the dongle the program is protected to but can find the path for ano This means it is not possible to emulate the hardware dongle.


microcsm It is unusable by a final end user – ple Please check the update code contains just numbers and Requesting encryption from php or asp. Error performing server-side call. All No dongles detected.

Use one of the constants defined. Error Error terminating a network user. Trying to use a demo dongle with non-demo software.

Error This error can occur if you have multiple threads in one process which are doing a protection check under Linux or Mac OS X. If the error occurs intermittently: The update code typed in is different to the one DDRemote generated. Error This errors means that a sub-process we midrocosm cannot run.

The clock has been tampered with either put forwards or put backwards. You need to specify You should try to download it again before you can use it.

The Update Code is valid but does was not created for any of the dongles attached to the computer.


Cannot open file containing update code. Is microcsm possible to add protection to my software without modifying the source code? Change your Linux settings so that this happens when you This could be caused by an ant In this case the version of DDRemote that generates the updat If you purchased your Microcosm product through one of our partnersplease contact them for support. Please check access rights to this directory and all subdirecto Green, blue, bronze Mini: Error deleting temporary file.