I’m just really angry right now that I have to RMA my ram because I have no spare ram to run the system on right now, so I have to wait. Definately better than my BadAxe2 which would get goofy trying to push more than 3. Sometimes that extra 50mhz will give u the biggest headaches. The Mouse seems to work OK but for sometime I have been experiencing irratic behavior of the cursor suddenly moving to a corner either top left or bottom left or top right or bottom right when I am about to place the cursor on something and click, once I clicked and it had landed on the webpage “X” square to Close The Window and it Closed. Thanks You will have a chance to answer you own questions once you get your Q I guess. U have to try until one do the trick.

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You are not the only one! What else to do? I presumme that because the gts needs more power that it didnt like the power setting? I memores tried another cpu. They have too many boards released recently. I did check under system information and it tells me there is an problem with the mouse.

Ah well I just wish there was an effective way to get more directly the ear of the BIOS developers so we could get some of the long-absent fixes and most desired features added in response to our feedback. You can also stick a 40mm fan on memotex NB to assist cooling. Would this be an airflow issue? I could dump 1.


Memorex Model MX4210 Optical Mouse

I mean, i have like Degrees Celsius with almost every temp software, even in bios in idle mode I have had a reinstall of memorwx and flashed to So it can’t be completely broken even with the old BIOS versions.

So it was pointing to my 2nd SATA connector port 1. I re-read your earlier post and it sounds as though the problem is limited to web pages and not the Windows interface. I got my new P5K Jx4210 and so far I’ve only tested it outside my case. Temperatures are not my problem if you believe the readings I’m getting.

The voltage damper option should come enabled by memotex and not at auto that its the same as disabled. This fix should be applied before of the problem appear or alone when appears?

“memorex” memorex dvd recorder downloads || memorex scanner drivers

Funny thing is everything else works perfectly. Presume that is for people with chilled cooling to make use of it. Thanks for all your help, help like this is hard to come by. Just tried setting fsb to I think the circuit is the regs under the top heatsink because when I use 1.


I’m not having any fsb problems. Check it will fit first. Apr 20, Messages: Anyone using an X on this board, BTW? You may try this one which is for Wheel Mouse.

What is considered too much for air, even on SI? I don’t know if it is worth it to me to go over 1. Does it droop a lot under load? Fsb at x 9 I got tested twice, fsb set in bios. I’ve never waited for more than a couple of minutes to see if it’d eventually do something different, but to givel all keyboard stimuli and available visual cues it seemed to just be locked up. Author Write something about yourself. Hey did any body here did some Volts reading with a multimeter so far?

Definately better than my BadAxe2 which would get mx420 trying to push more than 3.