Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Ported enclosure systems are much more sensitive to misaligned parameters than sealed enclosure systems, which makes their construction more difficult for the beginning DIYer. We’re all in this together! The B has 6 db of boost at 30 hz and the modeling reflects that fact. A picture of the driver is shown below in Photograph I was thinking like this.

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Jim’s MAW-10 DIY Subwoofer

Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism. Originally Posted by bikinpunk. Well, that’s pretty good then.

The actual volume of the enclosure shown in the drawing has been increased to account for the space occupied by the frame and magnet structure of the driver, as well as the space occupied by plate amplifier.

The image below shows what the response looks like if I lengthen the vent a bit. Active power is supplied from a 70W Parts Express plate amplifier part On completion, the Loudspeaker Wizard screen should look like the image below.


MAW Home Subwoofer Project – Subwoofers / Speakers – SSA┬« Car Audio Forum

Below these values, output is dropping off a good bit. The port lengths are Yeah, its difficult to judge though, since in car response may show differently. Mach5audio MAW10 I have acheived sealed like quality with a bas-reflex before, but it was a pair of inifinty Beta 10’s. Photograph 06 shows the rear of the subwoofer enclosure after the plate amplifier has been installed.

The carpet underlay was installed using a heavy duty stapler. Originally Posted by mvw2. Even ported was suggested as 0.

Originally Posted by chad.

I built a box for them thinking I was going to put them in my girls car but ended up getting a Soundsplinter RL-P for it. Also shown in the photograph are the brass speaker spikes which will couple the subwoofer firmly with the ground.

Mmaw-10 was going to take the sub out and hook my 10W6V2 back up but it’s really not a bad sub. Mach5audio MAW10 Well, the thing I worry about is that you’re using this relatively small 10″ woofer to pound out sub 50Hz tones. Well, if we decrease the size of the box without changing the size of the vent, the resonance frequency will go up.


Thank you for any help that is provided. The enclosure design for this subwoofer project is shown below in Drawing Lightning bolt delivery Thanks: Password Please enter a password for your user account. Let’s see what happens if we bring the box size down a bit.

She needs stroller space and the 2 Atlas’ she has now aren’t very accomodating.

Page 1 of 2. So I am going to use these in my living room. Mach5audio MAW10 I haven’t been here in awhile, how is everyone doing?

Password Please enter a password for your user account. Mach5audio MAW10 I am running 3, in a common chamber 1.

See our banned email list here: I’ve also always liked the JL W6.