Page 2 of 4. Harold 10 years ago. Overclocking is not a must, you can run stock if you want, all up to you. I understand how to proceed with intent to keeping the current setup, But Id like to remove the drives and install the SSD alone, followed by the OS install chipset, drivers then reinstall the non raid HD’s. Clean install every once in a while is good, shouldn’t be needed every two months though. Vin 3 years ago. RG 6 years ago.

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SSD/Marvell [Archive] – TweakTown Forums

YOu can install anything you want on the SSD as long as you have room, worrying about fairly writes and such was only really important on old first gen SSD’s, today’s SSD’s have a much higher life expectancy and handle wear and tear much better, so worrying about things like that and tweaks and such are not needed at all anymore.

Now I believe everything is looking good, but just wanted to find out for sure that having mb used space makes sence. Intentions being to later install one HD for making a backup, and another for programs possibly page file etc. Morning Its kinda nice to know that its normal to have files like that.

Drassx15 6 years ago.


So I took my cd out and restared my laptop. I am so thankful!!!

Now with the help of this site I fixed it. The web is full of what Im thinkin is outdated info in reguards to proper setup of SSD I believe Win7 disables things like Defrag automatically So can someone share the best setup scenario, and possibly some links w current info. Chris Round 11 years ago. I’m stunned to hear how unprofessionally MSI employees carry on. Ohh, I forgot Intel boards probably all have additional Marvell controllers too! I have been looking for the solution since 6 months ago and now……………….

But this posting led me to where i needed to be.

There isn’t any BIOS settings for this, and again it was only mentioned in regards to the Marvell firmware update process which you don’t need to worry about on this board anyway, so again sorry for my huge confusion on this and making you spend time looking around for nothing!! It looks like I will be installing soon, thanx you! Setup could not determine the type of one or more mass storage devices installed in your system, or you have chosen to manually specify an adapter.

The Toe Cutter 4 years ago.

You saved my ass. I learn with it and game too. Phill 9 years ago.

I leave at default setting always, whatever that is, and never have any problems. In reguards to IE and the errors marveell had one tooits quite possible related to my AV. As much as I hate to say you may want to think about doing another windows install, beings you are having so many strange problems.


In order to get the F6 key to respond I had to press F6 much earlier than indicated. So Ive started to right click and close before logging off, should I be doing this for most all tray icons? On a Dell you change it to ATA but you need to disable the flash cache before doing so.

SATA Controllers

If you google etc- it is lots of info on the topic or arguments etc. Originally Posted by kingmortz. DavidFromGeorgia 8 years ago. As far as error’s, I havnt seen the Vcore error since.

Install XP: Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer •

Eric 9 years ago. Installing them is optional, the main drivers I mean. James 8 years ago. Id like to use Q Flash method not really sure of size? Windows 7 Ultimate x