Protect your notebook from a virus by: For more information, see “Changing batteries” on page Nero Express copies the tracks or files to your hard drive. If you have a telephone modem, use a surge protector that has a modem jack. For more information on changing power-saving settings, see “Changing power settings” on page Caution A When tightening the cooling assembly’s chrome screws into the numbered holes, tighten them in numerical order.

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Gateway M675 Series

The Final Burn Settings screen opens. To select these drivers, click Manual Installation. In Windows, you throw away files and folders by first moving them to the Windows trash can, called the Recycle Bin, where they remain until you decide to empty the bin.

Maintaining Your Gateway M p To remove a virus: Identifying drive types Your Gateway notebook may contain one of the following drive types. Cell 01 – Address: You can play the music files in a CD player and you can view all files on your notebook.

Your original CDs and guides should contain any serial numbers or product ID keys that may be required for program installation and registration.


A m675pgr opens that lets you close a program that is not responding.

Full text of “Gateway Laptop Service Manual: M SM”

A To change the color depth: Managing Power As a manually-selected power savings mode: Getting Started Basic safety precautions When using your notebook and peripheral devices, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and injury to persons, including the following: You can customize power settingsfrom theWindowsControl Panel by selecting power schemes, setting power alarms, adjusting advanced power settings, and activating Hibernate mode.

They hope these examples will help wireeless to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own. Using the optional diskette drive The diskette drive uses 3. Check the two terminal network icon.

The LED shows your notebook’s power status. MusicMatch connects to thestation and plays the audio. To move a file or folder to another folder: The recording is saved. To copy a file or folder wireldss another folder: If you are traveling internationally, take telephone jack adapters or an acoustic handset coupler. Full text of ” Gateway Laptop Service Manual: All files on your notebook will be deleted!

Screws 1 6 Lift the LCD panel assembly away from the notebook. For m675pfr information, see “Adjusting the volume” on page The Shut Down W indows dialog box opens.


Open the My Computer window. Deleting files and folders When you throw away paper files and folders, you take them from m6755prr file cabinet and put them in a trash can.

You can also use the Insert menu to include information that is automatically calculated such as number of pages or date and time sent.

Wireless is Not working on my Gateway M

System label Includes the product model number. Screen backlight does not work. Networking Your Gateway M Example peer-to-peer wireless Ethernet network Use a peer-to-peer also known as ad hoc wireless Ethernet network if you are setting up or joining a temporary computer-to-computer network. The label is located on the bottom of your notebook. Do not attempt to clean dust from the inside of your notebook. The cable is now free and you can remove the keyboard.