Taiwan and Shanghai were back as well. Studio1 Yahoo users Group For those of us that have purchased Studio1. These and more have been confirmed with numerous repeat receptions since. The Tamura transformer 3FS and a regulator would work perfectly here. The Longwave Club of America has lots of info on this overlooked band. This opens up Perseus portable ops by battery power for full Khz spectrum recording to the internal GB drive or a 3. This time 52 AK beacons were heard.

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The TV disolay with amplifier module did a decent job bringing in analog Canadian TV before going digital in Datasheets for all ICs are readily available on the Internet.

This will cause the readout to register one more count than the actual clock frequency. By prescaling in multiples of ten and repositioning the decimal point, the numbers come up correctly e.

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Effective for FM DX; otherwise obsolete; group is dead. Shenzhen N-South Electronics Co. Secure the opposite end of the board in a similar m54826. One trace has to be cut and several others jumpered on the power supply rails. As of July replacement antenna and cable are deployed and upgraded Davis F and M2 6M3 and I am finally back in the game. This data along with observed offsets was sent up to RNA for help in determining just what is still active up there and to increase the chances of AK beacon hunters this DX season.


Drake R7 and Realistic DX-300 Repair

Terminal block,Electronic component,electrical Connector,Switch,Buzzers. One thing I do know for sure — and because of the utter simplicity of these chips — I will probably be adding a lot of counters to existing equipment in the coming year. Wuhan Am Semi Tech Co.

I am using it and the previous YaND 6. It performs as the reviews stated, making it a “reference” by which all other tuners must be compared and will fall short of in performance.

All of these counters are based on a marvelous chip developed in the s: This has put dozens of new stations in the log in since I acquired the phaser.

WWSU was very useful in accomplishing this. Need to brush up on your electronics principles? The basic frequency counter only needs a few components in addition to the chip. Nick will also set up this feature at DXpeditions from time to time.

The A and C versions are designed for common anode displays, while the B and D varieties are for common cathode displays. These beacons typically run a few watts into a vertical antenna and are reportable to NDBList and RNA and I have been the first dlsplay only reporter of a number of them.


With the added trimmer cap, it can be set very accurately.

Drake R7 and Realistic DX Repair | QRZ Forums

Yaesu GA upgrades and repairs I have never had to repair mine in 19 years, but the upgrades are interesting. The dual antenna installation has survived windstorms with 70 mph gusts and the magnitude 6.

But you have to build it.

If you decide to build up this counter, make sure you download the datasheets for all the chips before you even start. Obviously, this will require some prior machining. You may do this while the receiver is on and listen for a change.

When retrofitting frequency counters, the first thing to consider is matching the counter design and the piece of equipment in which you will install it. My first sampling of the mode since they started turning off stations. The R-7 is a very nice receiver.

Frequency Counters and Retrofitting

You’d have to remove the cover to see that. Looking forward for a return to Grayland! I dont havbe any contact cleaner so Ill probably have to pick some up.