Actually, things are worse now because I updated the OS to That sounds stupid, but unless you ruled out the hardware connection, you might be on a wild goose hunt looking for a problem that is not software related. Seems silly to me. Now I’m upgrading to Mavericks hoping that makes things better, versus worse. If you are using the new GB have you tried copying the old driver from your old GB midi plug-ins folder? So if you are having the same problem, check your USB cable.

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The first Keystation series did require drivers for certain operating systems. Weird that it works perfectly on my old Mac Pro. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. Hi Sam, Sorry you are having trouble with that. It might be that the upgrade has corrupted the MIDI settings of your old keyboard as described. I’ve used this keyboard on another Mac a year ago with Garageband and it worked perfectly.


El Capitan and M-Audio Keystation: not always recognised – Logic Pro Help

In that mode all third-party extensions will be disabled, also your Midi devices. Despite this success, when I reach the end of the installation process it tells me that the installation has failed because “The Installer could not install the software because there was no software found to install”.

I did all that: It’s the M-Audio Keystation 61es. Also c an you provide a description of how you have connected your devices, including if you’re using usb hubs, etc?

Create a new topic About this Question So the Midi keyboard does not work or just the transport controls HyperControl doesn’t work? Nov 16, 3: What is Safe Boot, Safe Mode?

Keystation Mini 32 – Mac OS X Installation Instructions

That link you posted is the closest I’ve ever gotten to a solution. I didn’t think a shorter USB cable would fix it, but it did.

One of the forum guidelines is that you should setup your forum signature with a description of your Logic setup, so you can be helped as good as possible. Scot Walker Scot Walker. I have tried using external power etc.


Plug that into the MacBook Air. If this was a huge issue you might want to try a powered M-audlo hub. Nov 22, 1: Can’t trust m-audio anymore.

I used a short cable and it worked fine. Keystation original – Mac OS X It has worked on that Mac Pro for over a year. Jakeus Dee June 04, Now I’m upgrading to Mavericks hoping that makes things better, versus worse.

The hub has a power adapter that goes to a wall outlet. Hi, Sorry you are having trouble with that.

M-Audio Keystation 49

Wed Jun 30, 7: This model has since been discontinued and will not be updated further. Even mm-audio it with a different computer may help. Nov 18, 3: Nov 18, 2: Cables, ports, forums, prayer, rain dances