Jason Developer posts. Mine had “i” printed on it in one place, and, I think “i” on another label near the serial. Patrick , Feb 11, So i have to stack my two external compartments as a chain to one SFF, loosing some troughput but gaining a hopefully secure solution. If i enter ‘crtl-c’ it is stated that the BIOS will be opened, but it won’t. Supermicro drive limit on oboard LSI Raid controllers.

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LSI e vs in JBOD | ServeTheHome and Forums

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You’re more likely to 1068f a refund from a scammer if they are in the USA than overseas from my experience.

Consider multiple HBA cards instead of one big expensive one. Any use of “virtual drives” or one-drive RAID0 JBOD modes likely involves the controller writing its own proprietary configuration to the drive and then that means that if you ever need to switch controllers, you’re going to have extra special trouble because you need to copy the data off the old drive, not just move the old drive to a new SATA controller port.

Anyone ever used the new highpoint SSD nvme raid controller? Register new account Login. However, even once that happens, they will not show up as FreeBSD CAM devices, so if you’re used to being able to do “camcontrol devlist” or other camcontrol ops, they won’t be there for management in that manner.


Now we give them to ZFS. Mar 16, Messages: Posted on 4 February In other words save yourself a ton of trouble and pull the card and put it in a junk box and flash it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2.

It is important to crossflash this card! You guys are buying up the supply.

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Maybe it doesn’t recognize the m as a compatible device. Better compatibility with expanders, ability to use multiple interconnects to aggregate bandwidth, SAS chip is capable are far more IOPS, SAS will scale better with more drives. As per the readme make sure you use firmware version Good point, I had forgotten about that. Posted on 17 February IT-mode firmware won’t disconnect your disks when they have a bad sector.

These issues should be gone when the quality of the driver improves, so it would be a safe investment for the future. Feb 15, Messages: If you connect your disks without the expanders it all works without problems? The error seems to manifest on certain Intel chipsets.


Confused about that LSI card? Join the crowd …

But the most important question: I have three M cards working well with linux Archlinux, kernel 2. Yes, my password is: MetalunaFeb 12, Error recover is probably the biggest concern. Status Not open for further replies. To be sure it has nothing to do with the drives, i attached a Hitachi 1TB drive whitch is not found also. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

LSI RAID Controller – HBA Equivalency Mapping

A quick search of the web turned up the same results for others during the flash process. Well it worked fine for freebxd on Solaris Express 11, like I said. So i get half of the originally designed capacity and loose the flexibility to ‘expand’ the whole thing if needed. In the meantime i have to recycle as many parts as possible.