Is there a one button “Home” option? Change the settings in the interface menu to power off instead of defaulting to stand-by when the power button is pressed. You can then select the points of your trip from the Find menu or by scrolling on the map page. Hopefully some of the minor issues we discovered can be corrected in an upcoming firmware update. The Lowrance iWay c is ready to use right out of the box, and thanks to a user-friendly interface, you can get started without having to study the manual–although it’s always a good idea to give it a once-over before hitting the highway. You first select the house number, then the street name. Press the Music Note and Binoculars icon in the upper right hand corner, which will list the music files.

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Other options include car trails, waypoints, customized POI, sound and voice adjust there is only one nice sounding female voice for this deviceredirect voice commands to a radio 3500c for your radio has to be an empty station, may not work well in big cities with lots of stationsscreen brightness, route simulator the unit will simulate your entire route with voice instructions and all, see how the GPS unit works without even drivingmaster reset for all options, GPS status screen, gauge screen looks like a cheap car dash mph, time, eta, max speed, avg speed.

After I figured this out, it works quite well. One of the 2D views will always lwrance North, the other 2D view will always lowrabce your street in front of you.


Also impressive was the audio quality using the FM modulator. It gives plenty of warning of a turn coming and is loud enough. You have the ability to zoom in or zoom out. The charging light will be red at the start of the charging process and then turn green when it is completed. You can not see hills. However, all companies seem to use the same vendor for the data, so most of the actual data should be close to the same.

If this happens, make sure they are checked on Categories Drawn. The unit also offers automatic re-calculation of the route, if you miss your turn lowrancce will automatically find a new route to get you to your destination.

iWay 350C Unit, Manual, and Accessories Information

lowrsnce What is nice about this feature, is that you can select a track and then navigate it, if you need to follow your trail to find your way back, if for some reason you are in an area where there are no roads to route you on. Reset options This is where you reset all of the options back to the factory defaults.

I would highly recommend this unit! Trip Calculator This helps you keeps track of your trip, including time, and average speed as well as trip distance.

Lowrance iWAY 350C Automotive Mountable GPS Receiver

It will not read Navionics however. You are on your way. The c allows you to load MP3 and image files as well. Other GPS mapping products do have street mapping but do not provide the automotive navigation functions.


Lowrance iWAY C Automotive Mountable GPS Receiver | eBay

When the GPS senses you are moving, it disables your ability to make changes to the unit. Select Find, go to Page 3, select Intersections. By touching the left side of the screen, a vertical bar will appear.

I have found no problems in using the MP3 player and found it to be a nice feature in the unit. And for the most part, it is. This can be nice when trying to turn left onto busy streets. The fuse can be replaced. Shopzilla Opt Out We make no guarantees regarding advice or accuracy of product specifications. It did give us something to chuckle about.

Yes – MapCreate 6 or higher. Your final destination will be listed at the top of the screen in the middle of the page.

The pre-loaded map data available in the IWAY C, is provided by Navteq and seems to be the most current mapping data available. This channel Lowrance GPS receiver guides you through unknown routes, letting you take the correct path.

If you need perfect MP3 this unit will probably not impress. The iWAY C uses multiple sources for data. I prefer to have this off, lowrrance other users may enjoy it.