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Thank you very much. Does this work with Windows 7 also? Message 12 of 36 29, Views. There is lne100hx reason what so ever why they shouldn’t work, unless the way Windows 7 handles drivers was changed to accommodate planned obsolescence.

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However, I don’t have Windows 7 to test with. Geez, I guess they really want this card to die. Thanks, I dl the driver and installed it without a problem. I have tried for the last week to try and get 64-git adapter vieta work with Vista. Maybe it’s because I don’t want Windows to tell me: Message 16 of 36 27, Views. And people ask me why I’m always running a older version of Windows, bah hahaha. Message 18 of 36 26, Views.

Wow, you are really awesome. Message 17 of 36 26, Views. From ther it’s pretty simple, point to the driver folder and click ok. Now why doesn’t someone from Cisco download the driver and place it on their own page Message 22 of 36 14, Views. Yes, the old website died, but I uploaded the drivers to a new site:.


Can you repost the link or tell me how to find the same info, I have been going in circles. Crimson, thanks again for your lns100tx.


I figured that because it worked on XP 64bit and Vista 64bit, that it would work on 7 64bit as well. Message 30 of 36 13, Views.

Microsoft says that it is compatibile lne00tx their comptibility windows 7 pages. I do not want a wireless connection when playing games like D3, and the only reason I installed this card was because the motherboard port no longer works. Mirrored in case other file shares fail. Message 14 of 36 28, Visat. Time to replace perfectly good components that were working fine just moments before you inserted the install disc, because Microsoft and the HW venders can’t come to a freaking agreement about drivers.

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. However, it still doesn’t work for me. I have Win 7 64 bit SP0 installed.


Message 15 of 36 27, Views. I downloaded the drivers from the link that Crimson posted on May 29th and not Cisco support page. I would rather make do with what I have then spend for more components that may still have the same problem.

Linksys LNE100TX EtherFast 10/100 LAN Ethernet Adapter

Obviously the online option would fail so browse on your computer. Make sure the downloaded drivers are unzipped already, and then proceed right click the unidentified network card in the device manger, click Update Vistta Sfotware.

Also the only solution offered to me by Windows or Cisco tech support is to go online or upgrade.