Typically you’ll have only one IR receiver you need to configure and the file is really simple. Configuration files for Amlogic specific remotes are collected and shared in the LE9. If lirc shows up under Supported protocols in ir-keytable output you can run ir-ctl -r to display those raw signals. Although lircd disables all remote protocols on startup and thus disables in-kernel decoding , ir-keytable auto-configuration which is run in parallel can interfere with that and re-enable in-kernel decoding – if it happens to run after lircd. The keycode must be one of the standard Linux keycodes.

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I have no idea why it’s named that, or what Mode 1 is. Here’s the abbreviated procedure for Stretch: Use this guide to check if each of the steps works. pircd

If you are experiencing problems, your remotedriver may have been moved to the kernel. Commenting requires Javascript from ShallowSky. It looks like lirc configuration is a black art, not a science.

lircd(8) – Linux man page

New releases of xirw, xrc and the lirc-xmms-plugin are available. Press the buttons on your remote you just learned and see if they match. Then run ir-keytable -t. The main task of lircd is to decode the infrared signals and provide an uniform interface for client applications.


What is LIRC ?

If it still doesn’t work, have a look at this site or ask on the forums. These devices should work with the general drivers or if it lacks timing info the driver used to create them.

On kernels before 4. LIRC is a package that allows you to decode and send infra-red signals of many but not all commonly used remote controls. Delete the lines between begin codes and end codes. So try that if you’re stuck.

lircd(8) – Linux man page

You have downloaded and installed Lirc and are now ready to set it up. Update – NEW at Each command is a single printable line, terminated with a newline. Each IR receiver kernel driver installs a default keytable. Former versions focussed on home-brew capture hardware connected to the serial or parallel port. Besides a remote control you licrd need a capture device to read the data from the remote.

Receiving of IR signals already works. If you lorcd, double-check your wiring and everything else you’ve done up to now. The possible applications are obvious: There are some remotes in there by default.


Now a bunch of LIRC daemons will be running. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account.

LIRC – Linux Infrared Remote Control

Keep in mind that this will disable the other protocol decoders. Start your text editor and open the file named Lircmap.

You can find a list of supported lidcd here. The drivers for several remotes have been moved into the kernel and this means that many of them should ‘Just Work’ out of the box.

After the driver is loaded, ir-keytable -a is automatically run so that the kernel default configuration can be changed:. If there’s a problem, stop lirc ligcd. Open a second ssh connection.