If you got more please keep it coming. If yes can you please suggest how i can increase this limit Minal Patil. The console subsystem is somewhat rigid. SSH and sudo over a pseudo-tty terminal Ask Question. As no kernel change could be sufficient, some glibc change is required. A couple of clarifications that would be great:

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Unfortunately this isn’t obvious to everyone.

Linus, I read this a few years ago and have just re-read today. Some programs, such as nohup 1 and screen 1detach from their session and TTYso that their child processes won’t notice a hangup. As no kernel change could be sufficient, some glibc change is required.

Can you explain why sometimes my terminal gets diseased, and the line I’m typing overwrites itself, or the cursor is in the wrong place, or similar symptoms? I’m not use to post, but this article was by far the best I ever read about lniux, i read many articles and even books but nothing so clear like this.


I have a small question. All times are GMT S2, S3 or S4?

Turtle Race implemented in Sendmail. When the command line eventually replaced the old batch processing model, teletypes were used as input and output devices, because they were readily available on the market. So I have a simple script and I’m not sure I have the stty settings rightthat should send “tx c” to the serial port. Usually refers to the serial ports of a computer, to which terminals were attached.


The process P is a pg leader if P. Modern computers typically have very few, if any, physical terminals, but potentially lots of PTYs to support text-based interfaces as provided by terminal emulators such as xterm or gnome-terminal and remote access interfaces like SSH.

First teletype was made in Germany around the 30s or 40s. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your rty use of the website is subject to these policies. So the preferred approach is a glibc configuration change rather than a code change: Joshua 1, 7 What is a pseudo terminal?

This has been fixed. Having pseudk around as the last of the Telex’s died out, having designed UART circuits, worked on Xenix and Unix Systems, and naturally Linux systems, your article plugged some reasonable holes I had on the subject Read man pages – got some info but not the exact picture.

Containers, pseudo TTYs, and backward compatibility

I am trying to solve a mystery with certain services started at reboot or via a root crontab. Linux – Newbie This Linux forum linix for members that are new to Linux.


My question is, ty mechanism resets the terminal in this case? Excelent article, I started to read it at work, now I’m printing it to read it more carefuly on my way home. There was some disagreement as to exactly what could or could not be changed in this case. Any tips or alternative options? I have a question about what happens when you kill a process in raw mode.

Most users make mistakes while typing, so a backspace key is often useful.

pty(7): pseudoterminal interfaces – Linux man page

The master acts more like the person sitting in front of that dumb terminal. I am currently working on writing a toy OS, and this was very useful in its treatment of the basic structure of the TTY subsystem.

Ubuntu has it up through wily, but looks like they finally dropped it in xenial. This is the only thing I could find about it, do you have any reference for that? See the manual for what setsid 2 does.