Other suppliers display the video via an Applet that is looking for a video port to transfer the video information and this may be a security issue with some administrators. Management programs can display the images from the cameras on your computer screen. I set up port forwarding on the router to forward alternate ports I chose and – and set up the cameras “Alternate Port” to these values to two of the cameras. Default is not set as best. Only works on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

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Linksys WVC54G Wireless-G Internet Video Camera Firmware 2.11

If your goal is high quality video from a remote location, then you will hate this camera. This image was tagged as spam by my provider because it used the big5 character set, even though it contained no linkys. The website is extremely slow. I was unable to open the files none of the 3 video editing packages I have.

Customer service told me to return the new router, gave me a barcode number for the old version 4 router, told me to search local stores by reading barcodes on each box I could find, and good luck Unfortunately, you get what you pay for.

Cisco-Linksys WVC54GC Wireless-G Internet Video Camera – video dailymotion

I cannot reboot or see usernames in the log. Subnet mask was always When I tried to install the replacement camera, the representative informed me that I needed to update my firmware on my wireless router. This is how I did it, without using the setup CD which is confusing and wirelessg unnecessary for my setup.


When you pick your port, enable it to forward TCP requests to wieeless-g IP you’ve specified, in my example While I don’t require such a function, it would have been nice to have. Tested each of those by opening Internet Explorer and going to the IP address for the camera i. This camera was easy to set up, of course I have a Linksys router too, but it was not complicated at all when compared to the competition Although the problem I have is some time I can connect to this camera at work, some time I simply can’t.

When it emails you video, the format is. I also found the setup process difficult and would not have been able to complete it without tech support.

Email alerts doesn’t work in firmware v – Linksys Community

Right now I am completely frustrated as this is Day 2 away from home and the camera suddenly does not work anymore. There are two levels of users – One user who can configure the camera and those who can just display pics. In short, nothing works. The image also gets grainy in low light but is still usable.

Cisco-Linksys WVC54GC Wireless-G Internet Video Camera

Configuration with WEP was pretty easy. Moreover, the quality of the picture is low and, most importantly, I was not able to configure it for internet access.


So now he can get to the three cameras by going to http: Finally, this camera is not supported by the surveillance software that I use. Now I unplug the power from the camera. Basically what I figured out is that the 2 cameras that had Firmware version 2. wwireless-g

The camera does ship with software, however, for surveillance use I need the software to not simply fill up the harddrive, but to make room by deleting old files and continuing to record. With a bit of research I discovered this was due to a codec error. The Linksys is a winner if you need sound, or if you want to get the extra performance of an I returned the unit to Amazon once again, excellent service, an apology for the problem and a prompt replacement and tried to set up the second unit.

Cancelling it was a nightmare of phone interneet.

I believe that there is conversion available in the support software. All video or jpeg data is presented only after successful basic authentication. However, the Linksys strictly streams a video.