Anyone who can operate a keyboard and windows can bring up the same trouble shooting procedures that they use It is unfortunate that the hardware manufacturers are keeping such a low profile for a critical flaw of this nature and Broadcom doesn’t directly provide patched reference drivers. But even then, Microsoft device driver updates are never pushed out as automatic critical updates and we all know that if it isn’t automatic and seamless it probably won’t get done. Message 2 of 5 6, Views. Then I went to the wireless assistant and saw a bunch of activated routers including mine which I configured. I was getting BSods among other glitches random disconnects, slow speeds These driver update instructions are provided as is with no guarantee on accuracy or effectiveness.

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Click on “Device Manager” and follow the screen shots below. The time now is I’m sure you and I are not the only ones in the world with this problem, so I’m hoping somebody will post a solution to the problem here.

Critical Broadcom Windows driver exploit released! | ZDNet

The attack range is limited to Wi-Fi range which is typically to feet but can be extended with high-powered antennas. I just want to say a big thanks to you for sharing this. For Broadcom chipset users which include Dell and HP branded Wi-Fi chipsets, I have created this emergency step-by-step procedure to install this critical driver update even if you’re not using Linksys.


If the driver isn’t any good, expect the unexpected! Wi-fi installation for Linux. Vista deactivates me for upgrading motherboard firmware. I was getting BSods among other glitches random disconnects, slow speeds You can follow the step-by-step procedure below.


Message 9 of 12 5, Views. SYS file on your system partition which is usually the C drive. I will contact Broadcom and see if I can provide a complete list of bcmwl5.syz products since it may be difficult to identify products that don’t explicitly specify they are Broadcom based.

This is a 2-year old thread so I don’t think I can expect a reply for my question but I will try anyway.

BCMWL5.sys Problem!

Hi Greg and Marty. But given the critical nature of this flaw, the Linksys branded driver can provide immediate protection until the correctly branded drivers are released.

There is another post that has two replies; one says pull the card, reboot, then plug card back in. The router is in DHCP mode. Hardware 55W PC power supply powering the dual-core computer. Don’t type the of course. Anyone who can operate a keyboard and windows can bring up the same trouble shooting procedures that they use The LAN tech installed an Orinoco card Here is the site anyway: Message 6 of 12 7, Views.


Checksum error reported could be due to the fact that the driver you have is corrupted or badly copied. The driver is about 13 megabytes but you only need the raw driver folder which is actually only KB compressed. What ended up working magically was the Drivers available through Windows update.

Microsoft says something about the driver trying to access forbidden memory for this code. The error occurs two, sometimes three times a day.

driver – Linksys Community

The thing that has always bothered me with the NAS Network Attached Storage market for consumers is that it’s very high margin yet the products deliver very poorly on performance. All times are GMT This is something Microsoft needs to address with the PC industry in general because driver exploits are becoming very common and linkss dangerous. SYS and selecting “Properties”].

I am running ubuntu 7.

Saying goodbye to ZDNet.