Replace the required component and perform a POR before replacing another component. The printer was not able to connect with an optional network. Send the printer a print job. The printer then performs a POR, and returns to Ready state. The pick arm assembly autocompensator is a paper pick device that generates its own normal force. The left tamper home position is not detected by the sensor left tamper HP. Remove the HCIT pick arm bracket assembly from the drawer by slightly lifting and removing it.

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T rear connection bezel assembly h625 Remove the side cover, left. Remove the laser cover. A positive offset moves the text down the page and widens the top margin, while a negative offset moves the text up the page and narrows the top margin.

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Remove any prestaged or jammed media in all the trays. When replacing the LVPS card assembly, ensure that the voltage selection switch is set to the proper setting, or damage will occur.


Resetting Active Bin Resetting active bin Wait for the message to clear. New, never used, still in original plastic wrapped with good condition. Check the sensor duplex input for damage, and if necessary, replace the sensor duplex input. Page LVPS zero cross test fails.

Page Assembly 2: Step 4 Go to step 5. Page Page – Assembly Sensor Test high capacity output stacker This test determines whether the bin sensor for the output expander is working correctly.

Step 4 Contact next level of Problem is solved. Sensor media out removal Remove the pick arm assembly.

Lexmark T652 Service Manual

Remove the screw A securing the media size actuator to the sheet frame. Print cartridge clamp assembly removal To reduce the risk of injury from a hot component, allow the surface to cool before touching. Solution What you will see Software printer driver lexmafk are ignored when printing from certain applications. For models T, T, and T The print quality pages consist of four pages. Check the sensor input for proper operation. Pick arm assembly, trays, an Remove the LVPS card assembly.

The sensor left lexmarrk HP does not detect that the tamper has moved from home position.



Invalid Engine Code You need to download valid engine code for the printer. Remove the cable cover panel by lifting up on the right side and pull to the right and out.

Page 95 Front paper jams Remove the standard tray from the printer. The value of the setting can only be viewed.

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Sensor 5-bin mailbox pass through removal Remove the 5-bin mailbox left outer cover. Page Media size actuator removal Remove the sheet controller card assembly. Gently place the printer on its left or right side. When disconnecting all the f625 connections, ensure that the connectors and harnesses do not become damaged. Port Test Port When replacing the transfer roll assembly, do not touch the foam surface. Reconnect all printer cables.