My hunch is that a very high specification laptop will get more out of the Lexar Pro ExpressCard reader than one like we tested it on. For drivers to be installed, the device must be plugged in with a CF card inserted. There are high-performance laptops available with RPM hard disks and very fast CPUs and sub-systems that will undoubtedly deliver better performance, especially with the faster cards, when using the Lexar Pro ExpressCard CF card reader. And easy to use. The other concern I have in using it is locating a small container to store it in when not in use to protect it from mechanical shock as well as keep foreign objects out of its components.

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Lexar Professional ExpressCard CompactFlash Reader 2.5 Gbps

No Longer Available Update Location close. One thing that I feel could be improved is the instructions for installing the software driver. The net result was that we achieved a read data rate of Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit Email. It also promises, on paper, much faster transfer rates to and from your compact flash memory cards than standard USB 2.

I saw one for auction and was going to bit, but I figured that I should try to see if their software would install before I try to get the Sonnet ExpressCard. The drivers that Lexar uses are old and out of date and will not install on These measurements were clearly ahead of a x card, but nowhere near double the performance.

ExpressCards working over PCIe have a exprrsscard bandwidth of 2. Use at your own risk, but I can confirm that this works just fine for me.


There are high-performance laptops available with Reaser hard disks and very fast CPUs and sub-systems that will undoubtedly deliver better performance, especially with the faster cards, when using the Lexar Pro ExpressCard CF card reader. And easy to use. The main culprit is the hard disk; not only do laptop hard drives spin more slowly typically RPM compared to RPM with desktop drives but the larger diameter desktop hard drive disks mean that more data passes the read-write head expressacrd desktop hard drive in a given time than a smaller laptop disk.

Martin wrote in below to share that this worked for Downloaded the drivers and followed instrcutions to a tee and have had ZERO problems with this thing touch wood it stays that way Highly recommended Date published: So I mostly use 2 hands and hold the reader into the computer, while removing the CF card.

You are warned that you have to download and install the driver before comapctflash the card, but it’s not clear that the ExpressCard reader needs to be mounted in its slot before the driver can be installed successfully. It is now a permanent tool in compactrlash laptop travel bag.

Accessories – Lexar Professional ExpressCard CF card reader – Digital Photography Now

The design also provides card stability and prevents any shifting during reading. From then on, a CF card needs to be in place when the ExpressCard is inserted. Sascha August 12, at I have a USB card reader for CF but it is slow and the cable is clunky when I have laptop on my lap in my LaZy boy chair where I do most of my post processing right now.


Thank you very much!!! No other cables are needed and it connects directly to your computers PCIe Bus interface.

Lexar Professional ExpressCard CompactFlash Reader Gbps | eBay

Had no problems using it once I installed the driver on my Macbook Pro Not only allows quick transfer of all photos in Aperture, i also use it to transcode in log and transfer Final Cut Pro via the plugin video shot on my 5D. According to Lexar, they are aware of the problem and are not fixing it anytime soon.

I would have thought Lexar have enough resources to resolve this issue. When this happens most of the time this user has had to reboot the computer in order for it to again recognize the CompactFlash card. In this case persistence paid off and I now can continue to use this reader for the foreseeable future.

Learn how your comment data is processed. I have the USB 2. I bought it to replace my Lexar Firewire reader that failed on me recently.

The thing is fast too! In other words ExpressCards can be up to 5. Once again, although the Lexar Pro x card was clearly faster than a x card, it wasn’t by the kind of margin indicated by the relative speed rating.