Telephone support may be subject to additional charges, even during the limited warranty period. Service and support One-year warranty 7. Lenovo is not responsible for photographic or typographic errors. Up to 4 GB is used in the service partition. All offers are subject to availability. Devices Supported Optional features For the latest information on options, including compatibility, available for the IdeaPad S Series visit:

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For additional information about supported environments, refer to the Physical specifications section. Non-Lenovo software The non-Lenovo software programs listed in this section may be licensed to you under the non-Lenovo manufacturer’s, supplier’s, or publisher’s terms and lenovk. On the left side of the screen, click Hints and Tips. Lenovo reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time without notice.

The non-Lenovo manufacturers, suppliers, or publishers are responsible for providing any service or support associated with these programs.

To connect to the Internet, an access point or similar device and an Internet connection are required. When used properly in standard business environments, a Lenovo system should be a reliable computing asset for many years. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. For Lenovo machines with courier or depot service, your service provider will attempt to diagnose and resolve the problem remotely before sending a courier. Lenovo makes no representation or warranty regarding third-party products or services.


For a copy, contact your authorized Business Partner or Lenovo customer representative.

AC adapter 3-pin Power lenlvo for ac adapter Note: Up to 4 GB is used in the service partition. This product has been tested and certified to be interoperable by the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance and is authorized to carry the Wi-Fi logo.

Electrical specifications Universal ac adapter 40 W: To view considerations or Service Hints and Tips by operating system, visit: For up-to-date marketing and technical information, visit: IdeaPad S10 systems are only tested to a maximum of 2 GB total system memory.

Operating systems other than those preinstalled on the systems may not provide full-feature function. Following are designed to be replaced by customer: Black cover, Integrated lejovo.

Previous versions of this operating system are not supported. For Lenovo machines with on-site labor, Lenovo will attempt to diagnose and resolve the problem remotely before sending a technician.

Accessible capacity is less. Some software may differ from its separately available version if availableand may not include user manuals or all program function.


AP – Lenovo IdeaPad S Widescreen Notebook Computer Model

Special Feature Codes — Chargeable. No Charge Specify Codes. For example, a Lenovo system should not be used in non-stationary environments, such as in-vehicle installations, without additional casing or shock dissipation. Actual specifications and weights may vary based on features, vendor components, or manufacturing processes.

Lenovo does not warrant these products. Preloads are described in the Description section of this document. Harsh environments and abuse can damage these systems because they are not intended to withstand extreme temperatures, lenlvo, shock, or other severe physical environments.

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Product Life Cycle Dates. Lenovo systems should not be used in unsuitable environments.

Refer to the models and features available in your country. Accessible system memory is up to MB less than the amount stated, depending on video mode.