Returning an error from psOutputFilterPreFlight does not affect the print job or any other filters; it just ensures that a filter does not run. This routine should only be called from a filter’s psOutputFilterWrite routine. These sections correspond to the different parts of the job, as controlled by the PostScript generator, typically LaserWriter 8 PrintingLib. For example, a filter may not be passed data it normally would be passed because a filter earlier in the chain decided not to write that piece of data. This signature is not necessarily the same as the Finder creator for the plug-in, but it can be. There are no constraints on the library name beyond those imposed by the Code Fragment Manager.

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At run time a filter should check that the weak link was satisfied and the symbol is defined. Log In Not a Member?

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The user interface code uses this signature to ensure that a filter’s UI settings are saved as a unique collection item in the jobInfo collection. Laxerwriter file is autorouted to the “Printing Plug-ins” folder in the “Extensions” folder. If the link to this library is not weak, the filter cannot be loaded at PostScript output time and the filter will never filter any output.

A more complex approach to this issue is to satisfy the link to LW8UILib manually and do the symbol resolution for the needed routine or routines using FindSymbol. There are no constraints on the library name beyond those imposed by the Code Fragment Manager.

The meaning of this order is described in the next section. See the section Printing Without a Print Dialog which describes how this can happen. The second phase occurs when data is being written to the output filter chain. Filters must always be careful to pass any errors returned from their filter writes back to their caller.


By doing so, any errors generated during the filter operation bubble back up the filter chain and back to the software initiating the write of the PostScript output. LaserWriter 8 calls this routine to allow the filter to configure itself for the print job dialog.

See the section References for information on the Printing Plug-ins Manager. LWGetBackground returns a Boolean indicating whether the Print Dialog is currently configured for background printing.

If any filter in the filter chain fails to write a piece of data to the next filter, that data is not sent to the PostScript output device. The routines containing ” PrSpecific ” in their name are called for the initially selected printer and again when lasedwriter user changes from one printer to another while the panel is visible.

There are a number of operations that a filter’s psOutputFilterWrite routine might perform on a given call:. The LaserWriter 8 Print Dialog code stores each filter’s private collection as a flattened handle into the job collection with the collection tag value laserwirter and uses the filter’s unique 4-byte signature as the collection ID.

This issue is addressed in detail by the sample filters provided as part of this technote. PostScript output filters are code fragments that live in the data fork of files that reside within the “Printing Plug-ins” folder contained in the Extensions folder.

For the filter information dialog in Figure 4, the name of the filter is “SampleFilter. Doing writes laserwriiter this fashion allows software clients looking at the ID field to notice when the PSPosition data may have changed without having to look at any other laserwriyer in the structure.


The prototype for this routine is:. This process will be described shortly. In addition to filtering the PostScript output laserwirter stream, a filter can also present a user interface in the LaserWriter 8 Print Dialog for configuring the filter’s print job parameters.

At that point, the filter can access any collection items it may have stored in its private collection.

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The LaserWriter 8 Print Dialog code calls psPanelPrSpecificInitData once initially for each panel kaserwriter the filter is loaded, and again each time the user changes to a new printer and the filter continues to run. This routine also requires a filter to specify the data needed for each panel. The LaserWriter 8 Print Dialog makes use of three optional filter plug-in resources during its execution.

Since multiple filters may be contained in a single file and the filter name may have nothing to do with the name of the file containing the filter, the file laserwriher containing the filter is also displayed. The section Filter Basics discusses how filters work with LaserWriter 8. The simplest thing a filter can do is to forward all PostScript data to the next filter in the chain. Filters are also required to have a standard ‘cfrg’ resource describing the code fragments in the data fork of the file.

This signature is not necessarily the same as the Finder creator for the plug-in, but it can be.

Such data should never be injected into the middle of a sequence of data writes corresponding to the same PSPosition.