Whether or not it works is completely random. I’ve already tried finding answers at Laserfiche support but their solutions didn’t work. My office believes it is an Adobe issue. All of these PDF files can be printed using Snapshot individually or in a batch. Are your Documents in a Relationship?

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As far as I know, this user is the only one that has this problem.

Questions with Topic Snapshot – Laserfiche Answers

Thank you and have a nice day. Laserfiche Snapshot generates images and text from electronic files e. I am unable to do so now. Laserfcihe credentials for LF Cloud in s Should of started with that. Her configuration is identical to mine Snapshot in a Snap.

The manner in which the sheets in a workbook are printed is controlled by Excel. Once Snapshot has been configured simply save the default profile in the advanced tab. Snapshot install error with windows laserfich x64 only.


Capturing Documents with Laserfiche Snapshot

It is “printing” dnapshot Word and saving as PDF. Different methods yield different results. Are your Documents in a Relationship? Updated Oct 11, You are viewing limited content.

They’re snapshotting just a plain docume Search within topic Search the whole site. I’ll be closing this forum.

From there, printing that PDF using the Laserfiche snapshot takes a very long time for the printing window to come up, even for something only one page. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Would you like to increase your Laserfiche Snapshot efficiency?

We’ve some large PDFs over pages.

Capturing Documents with Laserfiche Snapshot

Most of the pages are just text, so only need to be monochrome. Making Friends with Laserfiche: Say I have a sapshot However, there are embedded maps which need to be in color.

Updated Feb 25, Snapshot Subscribe Subscribed Laserfiche Snapshot generates images and text from electronic files e. Check out the Mobile App. I can use it all afternoon to print from one program into Laserfiche. Is there a documented proces We upgraded a customer from 9. Updated Sep 13, Static data may also be entered if necessary.


Whenever I generate pages of a document in this case, an outlook emailin some instances, the laserciche itself will actually print as in, a hard, physic Default template values for Snapshot.