You also can record and play back remote control sessions. File transfer is new to Proxy. Your network may have thousands of nodes available as hosts at any one time. Timbuktu Pro integrates with NT Security lists to help ease password management and administration. The following conditions apply:

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Optional compression level settings assure excellent performance, even across slower WAN or dial up links. In addition, one can allow connections to multiple hosts and optimize the desktop for remote control using discreet selections. Timbuktu Pro is the only remote control software that supports inter-connectivity between Windows NT 4.

For Windows 95 and 98, ReachOut provides a User Manager that issues user accounts and passwords for guests. A typical installation requires 7, KB of disk space; the compact edition requires 2.

Important note for Windows 8.

Timbuktu has an automated network installation that can be complicated by using scripts to refine installed features. Proxy does not include a user manager. It supports all platforms except Macintosh or Windows Me. The simple interface provides options for get, put, delete, create directory, move and rename. Other than this minor glitch, the software gets rave reviews for security performance.

There are also options to limit what you can do with the software, all of which you can configure centrally. Symantec should add other browsers to support host administration in the enterprise.


Remote Control Software

Entrust also provides lapkink for all communication between hosts and guests. The Internet Directory Option compares to pcAnywhere support for directory services. Proxy offers several capabilities that simplify your remote control session.

For example, you may permit usage of your PC after hours and on weekends, but prohibit access while you are at work.

Laplink RC Video Driver – DriverDouble

In addition, you can configure a vieo password to prevent users from closing LapLink Host, ensuring that you can connect at any time. If a set of computers is ready to receive incoming calls, you can specify the entire set as the target. This feature may come in handy for computer instruction or highly secure sites that require detailed remote transactions. Vido utility eliminates the need to master a script file for automatic installations.

One pcAnywhere has is that no longer has the integrated virus checking such as for instance, DOS and Windows vjdeo. From a computer running Windows NT or Windows you can configure and install NetOp programs on targeted remote computers. In additions, there is an Explorer-like file transfer option and a window through laplunk it is possible to simultaneously chat with a remote operator. Laplink has the viideo file capabilities: Support for older Windows 3.

Help-desk administrators look for strong remote-control performance—plus features such as tools for pushing the host software down to client PCs for easy installation, and the ability to launch the host module remotely.


The Proxy Master is a Windows application that allows a user to take control of another PC on the network via a direct, peer-to-peer lapllink. Road warriors can connect to their office desktop systems for file retrieval, presentation creation, and working with colleagues on collaborative projects. View Host screen windowed or in full screen regardless of screen resolution or color depth Control keyboard and mouse on the Host or watch remote user use keyboard and mouse.

Cost We included two costs in our evaluation. NetOps Help Desk feature, the ability to conduct audio and video chats, scripting utility and the file transfer interface, make NetOp the best in this area.

A guest has a configurable cache setting that allows one cache for all hosts or separate caches with limits available from KB to 64, KB. But the inability to perform NT network integration detracts from the score. Stac Softwares ReachOutEnterprise version 8.