Scanning DocumentsReading in folded documents Folded Orignal This is set when a document with a fold is set on the RADF and the document fold is so far up and cannot be scanned in at all. Selecting the Destination5Select the group registered from [A-] – [No. Page V AppendixThis section covers product specifications forthe network scanner and the index. Password input is necessary toconfigure settings. Scanner] key on the [Key operator mode] screen. Please make sure that the network is connected if the following messages are displayed.

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The FTP Configuration page opens.

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Check with the system administrator for the address. By touching [Detail] key, the details of the selected transmission destinations can be checked. If the konicaa for this item have already been made, selecting [ON] deletes the user name andpassword. Using of this Manual Selecting the Destination] 2Page If you register a body, the body can be used from the [Message body] screen. Inputting Text] 4Touch the [OK] key.


The settings are made with the [Scanner mode basic] screen on the LCD screen. Printer Manufacturer1Touch the [Printer Manufacture] key.

The filename extension [.

V AppendixThis section covers product specifications forthe network scanner and the index. Should you wish to disable IPP, deselect the option box. Go to main contents. The job number to is displayed.

For more information, refer to [Subject and Body] Page Konica Minolta has joined the mopria aliance to make printing from mobile device much more easier. There are three ways to select a destination: Use [AppleTalk Setup] screen to access the following: Selecting the Destination9Touch [Condition] key.

Network InformationTo access the Network Status page, follow these steps: Scanner Initial SettingsMain menu displayThis sets the default on [Scanner mode basic] screen for scanner mode. Whenchanging the setting for each item, ask the network administrator.

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This function will not reset the copier or controller. Inputting TextThis section explains the operation method for inputting text, used for operations such as registering nameand entering Cp addresses.


Advance to section [ For details on registering the body, refer to [ Message from OperatorThis sets the operator message. Net Care Device Manager is available as a succeeding product with the same function. When destinations are manually input, up to destinations can be set, including destinations selected from theLDAP server. To enable NetWare, follow these steps: Let me know if you want me to send it you.

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For setting [User authentication], confirm with the copier’s administrator. As of September 30,we discontinued dealing with Copy Protection Utility on our new products.

Input the address and name on the screen andsend as an E-mail attached file. There are two methods of selecting a destinations: