Update Unrecognized Zip Code. And I must say. It constantly sounds like a electrical static storm in my speaker. Top Customer Reviews Value. Last one Free shipping.

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I have a 5. So far I’ve had no problems with this revision of the volume control.

Klipsch ProMedia Bluetooth speaker system is on sale for $ | PC Gamer

Take the knobs off the controller and spray a little WD or similar electronic oil safe spray and all the issues will go away. Thank you for understanding.

I eventually found a replacement unit on the Klipsch website surprise, they revised it a little it wasn’t the same replacement part.

The only problem is there’s no automatic shutoff time, so I’ve resorted to plugging them in to a surge protector prmedia turning the switch off when I’m done listening.

Living in an apartment complex means neighbors can pair with your speakers. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Written by Fademan77 Published Jul 30, Not Specified by Manufacturer. The sound quality is great, the bass is amazing. A definite improvement from standard speakers. Got these babies open box from ebay for a hundred smackers, can’t beat it.


Click here to see mistersprinkles’s full review Click here to see mrsmith’s full review Pros – Good quality lkipsch and the sound is very good considering the cost. Pitty about the manufacturing flaw! The subwoofer seems pretty good, even with the knob at slightly below the 9 o clock position I can feel the bass in rooms on the other side of the wall.

If you want a bluetooth speaker, do yourself a favor and look for a proper bluetooth speaker system, designed to be one, not something that is designed for something else with an afterthought of adding bluetooth to it.

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Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Speaker System – Black

About this product Product Information A wired computer speaker kit which makes movies come alive, this Klipsch ProMedia 2. Click here to see Gilly87’s full review More items related to this product.

Just a simple button for pairing a BT device Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. But the Bluetooth picks up static. Best Speakers I’ve owned. Some are more crap than others, like the Corsair SP which is monumentally terrible Would recommend this to anyone. It was around years ago. Treble seems to extend plenty far enough and the mids are only occasionally overshadowed by the bass; the main low-end emphasis seems to come in mostly below hz so there isn’t tons of midbass bleed, more just occasionally excessive boom.


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My uncle also bought them. My issue comes with the bluetooth functionality. The speakers have passed the stringent THX certification requirements so you will be sure you will be getting klupsch sound.