I noticed my Unitor 8 blinking oddly so I closed Unisyn and the blinking was still there. With a Studio 5, you may have to run either in Compatibility mode or in OMS mode on both serial ports. When you install and open the Keyspan SX Manager software, don’t fuss with any settings. I want to run wireless on my Pismo laptop? Diver is much more versatile generally, except in a few cases where checksums fail in certain adaptations, with the Kawai K3M for example. After having it crash three times when trying to open I successfully got it open, but then it couldn’t communicate with my Korg synth. There are so many variables

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I need that freakin’ Unisyn manual! I’m in Mac Hell again. July 17, The Mac will address your Midi Express as two independent units, but in reality OMS and Freemidi will have access to the same hardware connected to the single Midi Express.

Is there anyway to recover them? Join our mailinglist and be the first to hear all about our updates and special offers! July 13, Alun Cox Level 3 Expert Answers.


That’s what I’ve got installed, but maybe the extension is only from 1. I would run Logic and Diver on separate serial ports as described above, and be glichless unless you must use autolink names, but it’s not worth the trouble really. I’m going to test the same thing when my serial interface is up and running and compare. WLM will handle all other customer warranty issues. Having a problem installing OS X on my machine, Error “OS X could not install due to the voice recognition package that you downloaded”.

Answered on Jun 25, How many numbers should it be? We Love Macs Address: Syntho on July 17, Get one of those cards, they’re good.

I didn’t find that driver reliable My Midi Express XT has two serial ports so maybe I can use another serial cable to network the two instead of using two of the Keyspan’s ports. Now I just have to worry about soldering those freakin’ cables. I hope that keeps up. Diver and Unisyn both use discreet cables, and Sysex uses machine ID’s to separate the strings from one another.

Keyspan SX Pro 4port Rs-422 PCI Card for Mac

I’m guessing it’s the freakin’ Unitor 8 since it’s a USB model. After having it crash three times when trying to open I successfully got it open, but then it couldn’t communicate with my Korg synth. I don’t think there would be much of a problem with using extensions, it’s just a signal being sent through it and if it’s ‘there’ it’s there. David Payne Level 3 Expert Answers.


Db: please Help, Who Has The Keyspan Sxpro Driver For Mac – chartsenergy’s blog

Answered on Nov 28, It says it found the driver but it’s the wrong version. That is the solution to separating them.

I was recalling dxpro I myself wasn’t using the aforementioned MTP setup in my last reply suggesting the Studio 5 be substituted. Syntho, I’m aware of how things are supposed to work, as you describe. Example of “free” software. I am ready to pay.

Answered on Nov 26,