The number of used OUTs can be set in the environment settings. This you will find attached. Data storage function settings Controls the settings for the selected OUT, storage cycle, and amount of data stored. What is LK-Navigator 2? Measurement mode Selects settings that have been optimised for various target surfaces.

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Data storage function setting methods If the data storage function is used, it will be possible to save up to 1. All of the operations described in the user’s manual can be performed using a combination of direct RSC commands. For details, refer to “Precautions on wiring” in the User’s Manual.

Most Active Software Boards: Page 10 5 Measurement setup examples This section provides application setup examples. Keyence LK-G series communications over Labview. No it doesn’t show up in MAX. The storage time is equal to the amount of data stored x the storage cycle. Sensor head-relate d settings. This is useful when checking the settings that are currently being used.

Page 8 4 OUT settings These settings related to measurement value processing.


It comes with some software that looks like it will grab data. Your manual failed to upload Setting methods for measuring the thickness of transparent objects The setting methods that are used when measuring the thickness of transparent objects with the LK-G are as follows.

I use LabView 8. Thickness Llk-g5000 Setting Methods When two sensor heads are connected to measure thickness between the two sensor heads, the setting method is as follows. Head settings This section controls head level target optimisation processes. Message 10 of Page 13 Settings and Procedures The following settings should be used as a default.

Faq’s – KEYENCE LK-G5000 Series User Manual

Tell us what’s missing. Here is an example for talking out the serial port to a digital scope. It basically amounts to setting up text strings to implement the available commands. To use all available functions on this website, JavaScript must be enabled in your browser.

Thank you very much. With measurement between two sensor heads, it is possible to minimise the influence of vertical vibration. What is LK-Navigator 2?

Ultra High-Speed/High-Accuracy Laser Displacement Sensor

This makes it possible to select measurement modes that are optimised for specific target surface conditions and materials, and allows for corrections to compensate for sensor head mounting. Launching LK-Navigator 2 Connect the sensor head to the controller and turn on the power. I did all the configuration on the Keyence measuring device Parity, data bits, baud rate When an average of 4x has been set, the following process will occur.


So its connected to my LPT1 port at my computer.

Hi, don’t know if you are still working on this, but Keyence does not appear to provide drivers for the USB. Download an existing VISA driver to see how they are setup.

LK-G – Controller | LK-G series | KEYENCE America

Settings and Procedures 1. Message 7 of The number keyenec used OUTs can be set in the environment settings. Cyclic communication implicit messaging Message communication explicit messaging: