Especially by going up. I have my Windows 7 Professional sitting here waiting to be installed when we’re given the green light. Why are you looking for updated chipset drivers? Keeping my eyes on this thread, and thanks for all your help so far. Hope progress is moving along in the right direction for you folks, and of course in the end, us. The updated solution worked for me. I’ve researched this issue to the point of exhaustion and it’s all over several independent threads, laptop2go, nvidia, etc.

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Will do, a little later today. For my particular card, this is the latest driver they have listed at nvidia and it is only for the gpu portion of the integrated card. Installed a cooler master hyper plus.

I thought the heatsink was stuck or something. Just post reply your name coproocessor I will see it easily. If you install the RTM build on this k92n later and still see this problem, please start a new coprcoessor for the problem.

I am having the same issue as many – transfer of large files to USB Hard drive freezes up Windows and then the transfer quits – only way to unfreeze is to reboot. What about your NB volt? Don’t buy mothers on nforce and other chipsets and all your systems will be working fine. This guy on forums said that taking off the fan from the heatsink and placing it on stove with a frying pan should work.


Grant – That workaround was discussed a little earlier in the thread. I moved the printer’s USB cable to another coprocesdor that uses a different interrupt and the problem changed to just hanging the printer much better!

The [Official] MSI K9N2 SLI PLATINUM Owners Club

ImageShack Album – 2 images. Maybe this will help. Keeping my eyes on this thread, and thanks for all your help so far.

It seemed all was lost until I found this thread. The minute I add a 2nd usb device, system crash-particularly a usb wireless adapter. Many thanks for the temp fix, I’ll try it when I have time. Then go to their webstie Seven Forums.

MSI K9N2 Sli Platinum with t Problem

In the instructions it says Green light means the computer is powered on Yellow means computer is standby. The computer was working fine until I ran Prime I had to restart my pc and the usb stick was not recognized.

I just upgraded my dv need some help!!! Sorry if the huge font is annoying: For example, here’s the latest driver for the a chipset: When seating the processor, have the motherboard out of plztinum case. Output of MSINFO32 tool paste it in a message here – may need to break it up into several posts – there are limits on post length: I just carefully pried it off.


I reverted back platinhm Vista 64 and decided to give this another go.

You can understand why I’m very eager to have a fix. So do you have any other devices connected when you are trying to copy or just the usb external HDD? Swapping to different USB port shows device not recognised. Any idea where i can B microcenter brand. Nice to see some progress in this! A little digging I noticed my printer was on a USB controller that shared an interrupt with my video Nvidia.

I was running prime