That way, next time you upgrade, you can pull drivers from the hd without having to hunt down or use the cd. Be aware that It’s not enough to set “DMA if Available” in the device manager, you need to use the utility. Wed Feb 20, 9: K7S5A Pro driver, test. The time now is Tengo una Placa base EliteGroup K7s5a test.

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Tue Feb 19, 1: It is recommended to use the updated flash utility included in each BIOS download package. Unsuccessful BIOS flash may cause the system fails to boot up.

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Congratulations on purchasing the K7S5A mainboard. On the manufacturers’ sites, you can find the latest drivers and product information.

Tue Feb 19, 3: Fixed Duron Morgan 1. Feb 1, Posts: Remove Trend AntiVirus 5.

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By continue browsing our website, you are hereby aware of and agree on ECS’ use of cookies by clicking ‘ok’. Joined Feb Posts Then install AGP 1.


My board is only about 2 weeks old. How to use flash utility. Seemed to boost my benchmarks a little bit and now I have a control panel that tells me what mode all my IDE devices are set to.

I figure k7s5w PIO mode and these errors may be related.

IDE Drivers for K7S5A

Apr 11, Posts: Discover the magic of the Internet. And backup before you mess with this. Any ideas how I can fix this?

Overview EliteGroup Computer Systems. I got tired of this and ended up just copying the win98 folder from my 98 OS cd to my d drive and installed windows from there.

What you specifically need is the followig I found the above FAQ very insisghtful. I have that on IDE 2. You can try loading the default IDE drivers in windows and enabling both. We will test more DDR modules in the.

Looks like I was using a 66 and a 33 drive on the same IDE line and it didn’t like it. Support Thumb Drive Boot 2. It’s only the primary IDE channel that’s having problems. Fixed Morgan shows wrong string 3.


The damnable K7S5A from ECS –

The Bios hasn’t reset itself again, and the time has stayed constant, it just won’t bring up the idee HD anymore that’s sharing the Primary IDE with the master HD second is set to slave. According to Control Panel – System, the Sis driver is installed, but so is a primary and secondary IDE driver and you can’t remove them without removing the Sis.

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