Me too have the same problem still , I mean with 7. I get the below errors also, but then I can boot fine. I am currently testing Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and there these messages are gone. When you say backport, does that mean this fix will make it into Dapper? Justin Clark ihcnet wrote on Is it isolated and unintrusive enough for SRU? I have 2 sata drives in a non-raid config.

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I also confirm this bug.

BIOS up to date, contains Jmicron 1. Antonio De Marinis demarant wrote on I installed ubuntu gutsy 7.

There are already 3 bugs and at least 9 forum threads regarding this. This might not be good if you are on dialup – but try downloading puppy linux – 83Mb and booting from cd. I consider this for the dapper point release if someone can actually visra some feedback about the kernel in dapper-proposed?

There is a difference for my errors; the device was 2 instead of 3. Comment on this change optional.


Decided to confirm this as well since the jmb3363 has not changed. Mariusz mariusz wrote on What needs to happen is that Ubuntu dev’s need to get a fix for it. Any idea when this will be fixed. I want daily build include fix.

Cannot allocate resource region 3 of device Is there a possibility on K ubuntu installation to give those commands during installation? I’m now happily running the 8.

[ubuntu] Error 21 & Jmicron JMB SATA Controller

If I set the boot args to “no apic no lapic” it loads kubuntu, but the grub is screwed up and I cant load to windows. Probably easiest way for folks to test the daily kernels is to install on the disk from another computer, update the kernel, and then boot this disk in the ivsta with the JMicron controller.

I can’t use linux! Redhat seems to find the controller just fine though I am currently testing Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and there these messages are gone.

FreeBSD Support ? and Jmicron (jmb) PATA/SATA controller

My mouse is just standard Logitech USB-mouse. Is there any progress Ben? You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. I actually didn’t realize that allot of work had happened on this issue. Hi, tqft wrote on I am using the intel board. Will backport the patches tonight. Not like that it wont.


FreeBSD Support ? and Jmicron (jmb363) PATA/SATA controller

Jkb363 Trautman raytraut wrote on I want to know when this package will fix,and added to the daily build!! Joao Muniz jrcmuniz wrote on Duplicates of this bug Bug Bug Bug Now I downloaded the final Ubuntu 7. But they have to be appended to the kernel line without “”.