The nitty-gritty though, was that the A3s could define not just where instruments were located in the spatial plane, but also the nuances, textures and details of instruments at the same time. The Operetta sound is not dry. It has the power to stand aside and not be heard. Better than the Carlas in the completeness of their presentation, the A3s in this combination also brought the emotional thrill of music right into my living room. The bass is strong and tight and the room sounds as if it’s three stories high and relatively empty.

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Jaton Operetta 2300a Class A/B Amplifier – First Look

Its like sitting on a South Beach bench splitting hairs between the Lamborghinis and Ferraris idling by; to the casual observer, there is nary a paycheck of difference between them. If you do not want your pre-amplifier to contribute to your stereo’s sound, this is a unit to consider.

Can solid-state compete against tubes costing iaton times more? There was also jtaon marvelous presence to the performance, a quality of immediacy like that of a live performance.

I reused the existing Volex power cord, never trying the stock power cord. Papillon — Blu-ray Movie Review. And though I tried, I heard no holes in the handoffs from woofer to midrange and from midrange to tweeter, suggesting a well-designed crossover and well-matched drivers.


This is essentially a Bryston BP16 class A preamplifier that easily outclasses the Jaton preamp costing many times less.

Both easily showed the weaknesses of jatpn recordings, not rudely, but by clearly showing off their enormous capabilities with higher quality, newer ones. Would they have woolly or boomy bass in my smallish listening room? They did not have the blare of the bell, but they did have rasp of the reed. Centered in my room, the A3s exhibited wonderful imaging and sound staging.

It is a small 18th Century red brick carriage house seating up to people for dinner and a show. audiio

Art Audio has a version with the modern convenience of a remote, but this one did not have it. The group listened to a few minutes of half-dozen songs in one continuous session: Each speaker comes with a quartet of smooth, silvery cones that screw into the bottom plate to separate it from the gloss-black base, thus providing rigid support, isolation, and damping.

The cabinet measures 45″H x 10″W x Originally Audko thought my amplifiers were not enough to drive the A3s, so Jaton sent their new Operetta amplifier and pre-amplifiers.

High frequencies 3,Hz on up The Mundorf ribbon auido over at 4-kHz.

In fact, the Operetta bass naton authoritative, detailed, solid and effortless. His multi-channel set-up used an Anthem D2v processor with a stack of seven Bel Canto Ref amplifiers.

Equipment Review – Jaton Real A&V Loudspeakers (1/)

Their Thailand factory started making powered 5. February World Premiere! The Jaton, however, is made by a company based in the United States which may be a plus for those nervous about longevity. Whole-house or Multi-zone Audio.


Jaton Operetta Power Amplifier Review

Where the Carla mid-range felt like a spectacular mountain peak their chart says nothe A3s was more of a wide plateau. It had no noticeable anomalies. We warmed up the pre-amplifiers before listening to them.

Everything Old xudio New Again.

The A3s are a far more complex and expensive speaker than the elegantly simple Carlas. Ok, make that three problems.

Over-all flatter, extended and accurate, its sound is more akin to the Axiom M80Tis than to the single-drivers. Midrange Hz – 3,Hz The combo tempted me not only into late-night listening sessions, but also movie and other music watching.

Again, memory gives the edge to the X As far as the preamps were concerned, the deHavilland Mercury 3, both as a line stage and in combination with the Herron VTPH-2 phono stage, had a finesse and airiness with vocal music that I loved, while the EAR had robustness and drive. Yet soundstage is another area where the chunky boxes shine.