Both of these boards can be had in slightly cheaper versions that lack the second pair of IDE connectors. There are a few “dual fuel” motherboards which can accept either kind of RAM – I review one here – which let you start with one kind of memory then upgrade to the other later. Like many other KT boards, these two each have one jumper that you’ll need to check, whether or not you want to overclock your CPU. It’s the work of a moment to go into the BIOS setup and fix the problem, once you know it’s there. Privacy policy and Terms of Use. Which, confusingly, is what you get when you ask for

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Both of these boards support CPU multiplier and voltage adjustment up to 1. Instead, you get a weird-looking USB whatsit whose back panel bracket has one type A USB socket the rectangular ones and one type B socket the squarer varietywith cables coming from each socket that terminate in the same sort of plug that normal extra-port boards use. Both of iqill boards have on-board sound, but the KK’s is rather more spectacular than the K7T Turbo’s.

Iwill KKPlus – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KTA Overview – CNET

If you’re starting out with a C-type Athlon, of course, this doesn’t matter. Interleaving spreads memory access over different modules – actually, it can spread it over different sides of the one module, since, electrically, double-sided modules are two separate units. These days, built-in-audio motherboards are a pretty safe bet, as long as you don’t want anything all that special.

The way around this problem is to opt for a motherboard that has all of its CPU iwkll in software. At least, that was the case when DDR memory was still expensive. Ships with the following: It’s unquestionably a lot snazzier looking than your usual green or off-yellow item.


Iwill KK266Plus-R and MSI K7T Turbo-R Limited Edition

Aus PC Market don’t sell these boards any more, but they’ve got plenty of others! Small differences in probe iwilk can make big differences to the temperature it detects, and the calibration of the probes on some motherboards has been known to change dramatically between BIOS versions. It’s the work of a moment to go into the BIOS setup and fix the problem, once you know it’s there.

If beeps do matter to you, by the way, the K7T Turbo-R LE has a little built-in speaker as well, which doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the manual. Crib notes for the embarrassed: And now, the red one. Beginners Guides Cases and Access.

Practically identical, in fact, except for plain vanilla built-in sound, and the addition of an interesting USB networking option.

Iwi,l motherboards with all of the connectors in the usual spot near the RAM slots – like the KK, and pretty much every other dual-controller motherboard – can be annoying to set up; you tend to get a cable snarl.

If you want more outputs, though, the KKPlus-R can oblige. As has been noted elsewherethough, this can kk266pus a problem. This little line of “D-LEDs” replaces the usual cryptic startup beep codes that most motherboards use to tell you when something’s not right with the basic system setup.

Both of these boards have imposing CPU power supply sections, with big smoothing capacitors and multiple regulators.

But the KK also comes with an extra sound output bracket which you can install in any empty slot location on the back of your case. Both of them also let you kk266pluus these settings in software, using the BIOS setup program. The Advanced options panels for the KK’s sound configuration have a normal Windows look, thankfully, and let you fiddle with various features.


If you only need four or fewer drives and don’t want the boot delay the extra controller causes, you can just turn it off in the BIOS setup. In the USA, you can. But if you’re doing RAM-hungry things like pro graphics or video work, heavy multitasking, manipulation of giant databases or simulating a brutal gladiatorial spectaclegetting slabs of RAM on the cheap has never been easier.

This is where you tell the audio system what sound output setup you’ve got – two speakers, four speakers, six speakers or headphones – and set the levels for the different channels. iwipl

Iwill KK266Plus KT133A Motherboard Review

They never give you much of an idea about the processor’s real core temperature, and you can’t compare readings across different motherboards, even if they’re boards of the same model. Here’s the KK’s drive connectors, which have exactly this problem.

Not perfect, but certainly not much of a compromise. Your average casual overclocker’s unlikely to be crazy about all of that fiddly chip-scribbling, though. They also both keep the mk266plus caps away from the CPU socket, so overclockers should be able to use pretty much any giant air cooler on their CPU without it fouling any other components.

You can move a couple of jumpers to select which “side” each output’s on. But the two boards have different controllers for the second two iwilk.