Do more for less with this newly added feature. Here you can see the mirrored image Skype provides as its video feed and the P2V cam, with its bright lens, autofocus capability, and articulating stand makes an excellent webcam. Split Image for managing digitalized materials Do more for less with this newly added feature. And now the stand. Currently, iMovie doesn’t support external USB devices in direct-capture mode. This is a decent but not foolproof manner to ask a user to hold the camera, as a rapid press of the shutter button has the likely effect of shaking the camera during exposure.

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On the surface that is usually pointed skywards are 2 buttons: Clearly, the P2V camera has the potential to make a great videoconferencing camera, and it does support standard USB video drivers on Windows and Mac, for seamless integration with popular IM applications such as Skype.

Catch this exclusive deal on Amazon! If the computer still asks for the driver, and you cannot see the live image of P2V in Presenter or Skype, then it’s probably a case of hardware failure. Build quality is average, with the plastic housing showing a prominent center seam and eliciting a few creaks when torqued and squeezed.

One to three seconds later, focus lock is achieved and you can press the shutter button. The USB document camera makes a webcam desirable again. Just as couples do fight or quarrel, we totally understand it if both of you are in the downs of your relationship.


It allows you to manage your digitalized materials by splitting 2-pages-in-1 images into two pages respectively and then saving all of them into a neat, single PDF file all at once. We are thankful for your continuous love and support for our little guy throughout these years.

Some applications flip the video horizontally by default.

IPEVO P2V Camera Review

White in color, it contrasts nicely with a typical computer setup, and surprises with its hefty weighted circular foot stand and usefulness. Video filters for helping visually impaired users With the added video filters, P2V is immediately turned into a visually impaired friendly doc cam that allows VI users to view their materials far more easily and clearly.

The camera itself is a barrel-shaped implement about 3. At the far end is a switch which allows the user to select between single shot AF or continuous AF. Let’s see what help you can get from our latest version of Presenter software: The only Point 2 View settings you can change while using a third party software is ipevk AutoFocus setting Single or Continuous using the AF button located on the camera’s ipevk.

The chromed lens ring encircles a matte black lens surround, with i;evo absolutely tiny lens in the center.

It opened up a whole new possibility of interactive teaching and learning ranging from creating flipped classroom videos to v-blogs.

This incredibly useful feature was only added to version 3 Mac and version 4 Windows of Presenter. What it lacks in features, it makes up for in good optical quality, a articulating stand, and supreme close-up autofocus capabilities for live video or presentation.


UVC is a USB device class that describes devices capable of streaming video like webcams, digital camcorders, transcoders, analog video converters, television tuners, and still-image cameras. Plus, free standard shipping is provided!

IPEVO | Design for Learning

If you want to bring Point 2 View into focus manually, please press the Focus button. Jpevo feature allows you to automate a shooting schedule for taking snapshots. Video Recording This incredibly useful feature was only added to version 3 Mac and version 4 Windows of Presenter.

You can use P2V on your Chromebook with a couple of software. These days, miniature cameras can be found embedded in the display bezel of nearly every notebook and netbook, as well as a good portion of LCD monitors. However, IPEVO believes there still exists a good iepvo of users who need something a little more flexible, and higher p2g.

If you still cannot view the video, please email us at cs ipevo. Currently, iMovie doesn’t support external USB devices in direct-capture mode. Please contact our customer support at cs ipevo.

No, it does not. Here are the system requirements:.

Below is a brief summary of the features available:. Those looking to capture video or create wacky effects can use Photo Booth on a Mac and substitute the P2V cam in place of the built-in iSight.