Parameters values – An array of floats containing the values. Updates the contents of the builder with the attributes from the given GroupAttribute. Returns true for success, false for failure. Sets a special flag on the builder that determines the value returned by GroupAttribute:: Returns true if the bootstrap succeeds. Returns the index of the sample closest to t , or 0 if the accessor contains no time samples.

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Kevin Dockx / Ice Cream Figuring out Why Your Access Token is Invalid (OWIN/Katana)

Finally got it working using Azure B2C and have just switched iinvalid now use the v2 application portal due to B2C bizarre behaviour.

For a workaround, katwna UpdatePrmanSettingNodes shelf script can be used. Parameters defValue – The value to return if an error occurs and throwOnError is false. Constructor for an accessor that does not take ownership of attr. Template Parameters T – The type of object to construct. Parameters times – An array of floats, giving the times of the samples.

TP – Linux only The ‘Katana’ favorite directory was set incorrectly. Note Any pointers or references obtained from the SampleAccessor are invalidated if the SampleAccessor is destructed.


I was able to resolve the issue by looking at the logs generated by identity server. Parameters defValue – The value to return if throwOnError is false and the attribute has iinvalid no time samples, or less than N values per sample.

Please check the code startup class below and the attached screenshot. Returns a float value containing the time at a particular index for this attribute. Deletes the attribute of the builder specified with the given path.

BuildAndRetain for the optional builderMode argument.

Parameters value – The value for the new attribute, in the form of a C string. Attempting to install to a longer path results in an unintuitive error: Constructs an invalid SampleAccessorthat is, isValid will return false.

An array of pointers to C string arrays containing values. This is an optimisation only. The modified code that worked is below:. Returns an Attribute read from the stream provided. The authentication works fine as we were redirected to identity server and back to the originating website.

An array of pointers to integer arrays containing values. Writes an Attribute to the stream provided.


AddClaim new Claim “sid”, n. The script, available in the PRMan17 shelf, creates an AttributeScript node that converts display options, set using string attributes, to group attributes.

Otherwise, setWithUniqueName chooses a new path by suffixing the given path with an integer.

Release Notes for Katana 2.5v2

Whether to throw an exception if the attribute has no time samples or has less than N values per sample.

Constructs a SampleAccessor to access data of the given attribute.

AccessTokenValidation middleware versions — both kaana to fail. By default, throws std:: If path refers to an existing attribute in the builder and the builder was created with GroupBuilder:: Fills the interpolated values for an exact time. Note Pointers and references returned by SampleAccessor are invalidated when the accessor is destructed. If false, return defValue. Returns true if the attribute has no time samples or the accessor is invalid.