Proffitt Forum moderator January 20, 5: It powered right up and went to a screen where it appears to have been locked by a virus. I guess I did something right as it just keeps on working. It is mainly the SandForce that don’t like Intel Chipsets. I also have a Haswell i7 with 4x USB ports. They do not follow international norms of business. This one actually has a USB 3.

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Unfortunately I also read that it was just a matter of time until the motherboard died from slowly being cooked to death. Track h7m0 discussion and email me when there are updates.

The AC adapter and batteries are the same. Add to Compare Shop for this product. Some folk don’t have access like we do in the USA.

A first to me. Sounds like you need to get back to desktops. I’ve run into folk that think it’s a conspiracy.

Intel HM70 Express Chipset – Technik/FAQ

Well I assumed it would be junk but the unit was actually pretty clean without soda and cigarette smoke which seems to have been the norm for me lately.

Sometimes you have a customer that needs their computer repaired FAST, otherwise they will just go buy another one.

I have only seen a firmware update brick one SSD in my life. My gut tells me that this one is in it for the long haul if it has been stable this long after my washing. This is my media computer and the one I posted about “washing” and “baking” in the oven in an earlier post to clean off the board. I have seen the same in earlier Core 2 Duo machines and such too.


Any way to hack or unlock the Intel HM70 Chipset? – Forums – CNET

It kinda is a conspiracy but the consumer also allows this type of product to be made buy buying what I consider to be cheap disposable units. They bought them at Wal-Mart so they should be cheap inteel repair. I like this one as it is great for updating the firmware on many solid state drives that don’t play nm70 with Intel SATA chipsets.

Apparently both Dell and HP decided around this time that they would omit heatsinks from the chipset of the motherboard in order to save a buck or two on each unit manufactured for Wal-Mart, black friday, or other economy units. Proffitt Forum moderator January 20, 6: Besides not having quite as good of onboard video, this CPU actually outdoes some of the early Core i3 units so I don’t think it will be too bad. The previous owner decided to attempt repairs and ripped the connectors inrel the keyboard and touchpad so externals must be used to operate this unit.

Mobile IntelĀ® HM70 Express Chipset

I read the specs online and also didn’t see any of the markings pertaining to USB inte. See your Intel representative for details. I don’t know how to turn off the shutdown, but if you put the computer to sleep the clock resets, so I created a batch file that counts down and puts the computer to sleep every 28 minutes. The motherboard had holes for a heatsink to be mounted and was essentially the same board used in better units so there was a way to order heatsinks for the unit and installation was simple.


This one tip will help you sleep better tonight A few seconds are all you need to get a better night’s rest. I read several cases of this being an issue on the web for the model I was working on. This limitation is hard burned into the hardware. I plan to write a java program to count down in the notifications ontel, instead of having the batch file running in the command prompt which is not so nice.

I hear this limitation is very low level and integral to the southbridge and is much harder to get around than some of these limits hm07 the past. This was helpful 1.

I’m looking into hacking the BIOS now. It kinda is but. It was a Wal-Mart laptop so what do you expect from something marketed to people who buy computers based on the lowest price and give little or no consideration to the quality and performance of the unit?

I inyel have a Haswell i7 with 4x USB ports. Using an AMD chipset seems to solve all those problems.