If I uninstall something, I just install it back, I don’t need restore. But I am doing best I can with current hardware, it won’t help a lot with 2 by 2 gb. Attached Images mod driver rev. With modded drivers it runs and runs great. Some people must of tried this driver surely? Anonymous June 3, at We have no qualms voiding warranties on a thousand dollar item the day we get it.

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It was the only way to play some games, and to make it more faster. The Learner – Amit April 9, at 1: I really want my games to have more FPS.

Cyberlega March 29, at 5: Is it worth it if i upgrade my ram to 4gb from 2gb, I have a mhd card, will there be a big increase in game performance??

Because I think that’s what I will do.

Help with Intel 4500 modded drivers

Therefore, I already have it on my system. The problem is that none of them seem to do anything for my ThinkPad x If anyone can help me duplicate those results, I would greatly appreciate it.


Legend May 24, at 6: Hi, I also getting the same problem above. Service Pack 1 4. One last try at bumping this to see if anyone has used modded drivers with a noticeable performance boost, either with the WEI score or in-game fps, and knows why they’re not working for me.

Isha Madway April 12, at 3: Either on my windows 8 32 bit or xp 32 bit or 7 64 bit. Can you re-upload them in different file hosting server?

World of Incredible Intel Graphics Modded Driver

And I spend money on my PC, I do this testing on laptop for fun: We are going to use Game Booster and edit Graphics Properties for now. Similar Threads – Help Intel I installed the drivers but it doesn’t show up anywhere.

Anyway, what were the old drivers scoring? I had this error but with motherboard drivers, I fixed it by installing older version then update. Good stuff btw, very impressive. Modified Intel laptop drivers for gaming! Mclightning I had the same error Mclightning88 April 25, at Anonymous November 11, at 8: I disabled the auto update too.


NEW! Modded Driver For Intel GMA m Only! | INTEL GMA USER

Joe Chamberlain December 29, at Drivers should run nice on your system, don’t expect to get gaming machine Does anyone have an idea why these drivers aren’t improving my gaming performance at all?

Because I’m not sure if it would be safe for my hardware: Figured more people would have laptops here than it seems. NET Framework 4 to a new state. Anonymous April 10, at