As long as you keep slashing and using your charged sword strike Slashing Canon , you shouldn’t take long at all to win. Upgrade your stuff here, use the money trick to do it if necessary. Some bees will swoop down from a tree here and they can make things pretty bad, so a goal should be to put some distance between yourselves and that tree. Now go forward and then north at the fork and approach the house for a scene. Here, you’ll find still more of the guards and the ogre has a tendency to catch up to you a bit more.

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Infinire you’ll see a save point down a small hill, save and go west. Now go forward and then north at the fork and approach the house for a scene. You’ll find that the path winds its way past several handfuls of soldiers, but you don’t even need to engage them in combat. If you have some spare money you might want to grab some Miraculous Medicine, but it’s not required.

Deal with the bees second.

Go back to where you fought the dragon and walk up to the body of water in the west part of the area. Follow the path out to a balcony and go to the right west.

Here, you must defeat a giant ogre and his snakes that are slithering about the area. What this means is that you augment them with items to give them special stats, such as improving attack power.



Play ‘Percipere’ again to reveal it, then pass through and smash another crystal. Aspiring Chemist 5 – Improve your alchemy skills!

The soldiers have little health power, so even just mashing the ‘B’ button should be enough to win the day. The door on the left as you go in has a bunch waiting for them to pop out and then hitting them all with infknite cart will help.

Therefore, you should play wisely and only use healing items when you can do so safely. Then press through and northwest from there to Nolaan. Do so and you’ll reappear in a cottage.

Talk to everyone twice then talk to Aya twice. You can also create plenty uneiscovery beefy equipment.

Head into town and go to the Undiscobery Mountains exit for a scene. When that happens, back away until after he executes it, then return to the attack. The latter action puts you in range of his abilities, so try to make sure he is engaged in one of his infinlte melee attacks or just finished one of his AoE attacks before you get near him to use the flute.

Normal mode is for intermediate players, and the game notes that most content is available. Kill them all keep an eye on the 2 kids, they can be overwhelmed and then head north.


Infinite Undiscovery – Walkthrough/guide

The laser in the lower left position will fire a beam and you need to make that follow the numbered path above. One of the twins yells that you can flip a switch to turn on the lights. Note that it’s possible to begin undiwcovery battle by surprising the enemy.

Filthy Rich 20 – Gather as much Fol as you can.

The guy in silver armor actually has infinite HP, so you can just sit back and watch them stab each other until Lester dies. Then it’s time to gather some firewood. Pass through it and you’ll find that the hallway ahead branches. Defeat the soldiers that pour into the room, then exit and head to the left, further into the large corridor. This will trigger a cutscene relating to some apples. Use your Slashing Cannon move to deal significant damage all at once.

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As usual, Spinning Waltz will keep you mostly safe from harm. Press the button corresponding to the infinire with whom you wish to join. Go down the stairs and leave the castle for a scene.