Comparison of SC cells viability and growth on different substrates. Tonazzini I, et al. Polyimide PI films were produced using thin-film technology. All review scores Awesome: PC12 cells were grown for further 7 days and finally fixed and stained as described in the following.

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After that, the solution was removed and samples were washed first with PBS in order to eliminate unreacted peptides and subsequently with deionized water DI water to remove excess PBS salts.

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After that, the solution was removed and samples were washed and stored as previously described before cells seeding. No registration required Loading Open your list Keep your lists forever. Collagen and Poly-D-Lysine-coated respectively for PC12 and SCs and untreated for fibroblasts standard plastic moscatk plates were chosen as positive controls, while untreated glass coverslips as the negative one for each experiment.

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C Cells number means are reported and error bars correspond to the calculated SEM. PC12 cells were grown for further 7 days and finally fixed and stained as described in the following.

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The IKV functionalization through amino group linkers did not show any improving effect on SC proliferation. Results evidenced a comparable SCs response across the different samples. Proprietaria gentilissima e disponibile. All authors revised the manuscript. Hairdryer Bathroom features shower, bathtub, moscatto. Devices 7 2 Stayed in November Private parking is available on site.

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Verified reviews from real guests. Comparison among untreated and chemically modified PI films. Register — opens a dialog box. Finally, we quantitatively evaluated fibroblast adhesion upon the different substrates Ilariaa.

Rms was calculated to quantitatively estimate the entity of surface modification introduced with chemical functionalizations and IKV peptide conjugation. Raimondo S, et al.

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National Institutes of Health. Here we show the results of the design and in vitro testing of an easy-to-implement and potentially interesting coating approach for thin-film electrodes.


In parallel, a 1. Kitchen very well equipped. Enter your verification code: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.


An error has occurred. Unfortunately, most of them ilagia not easy to be developed and combined with micro-fabrication processes, and require long-term efforts to be testable with human subjects. This apartment has a kitchen, separate living room and bathroom mosfato bath. The complexity that usually characterizes these strategies restricts, indeed, their portability and implementation on the manufacturing processes of the flexible electrodes.

Pictures were taken in 5 different and arbitrary sites for each sample and the cell quantity was obtained using the ImageJ software U.