The batter life lasts a very long time. The fm recorder works great too! How does the iriver do when recording classroom lectures? The iFP line in works best with driven by a quality low impedance headphone out. I supose it wouldn’t be such a problem.

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Also, it has an auto-gain feature. Randy, yes, the difference is only cosmetic – inside they’re both the same player with identical specs. With its smooth, molded curves and silver-and-metallic-red coloring, the iRiver iFP looks like it could have been designed by Corvette.

IRiver iFP-790 Hardware Instruction Manual: Specifications

My iriver ipf has worked fine for over a year. The direct encorder facility is just about the only one I have come across and actually does what it says on the tin. That’s the cheapest price I’ve yet seen. I can also hear something funky when audio is being written to the disk, like when you save a voice recording.

IRiver MP3 Player iFP User Guide |

They tell you to load the defaults and format the flash. Site support is also very primitive, sometimes there’re even no versions of downloaded firmware.


Transfer worked like a charm for two months, until yesterday. Yes – I get background noise We encounted no problems after pumping up the volume, due to the higher-than-average 18mW-per-channel output.

Before you kfp-790 in the player, you’ll need to install some drivers and iRiver’s Music Manager software; Windows and Mac versions are included. When I fill up the last megs or so, often the songs are corrupted and wont play.

If you cant find it I can mail it to you. As this player only has MB of memory this immediately reduced the number of tracks I’m able to store. I played with a model at a Radio Shack, today.

I’m quite miffed about this. The cons can and will be solved, but the little player is my 5th player and it is perfect in sound and rich in features!

IRiver iFP-799 MP3 Player User Manual

I only get eight or so hours out of my player. In exchange, you can listen music bought from online services i think Since then I’ve used it to play Ogg Vorbis files made with Linux. The software that comes with epeed used for transferring mp3s to your player is very easy to use.


Do you receive any error messages or codes? How does the iriver do when recording classroom lectures? My computer is a bit old, its running win98se.

ifp high speed Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

Is great to carry around and record ideas you are having. Experimenting with headphones is the answer.

The UMS driver has been posted on the iriver global site. It just introduces lots of artifacts. And no you can’t bootleg with an iPod.

Just a heads up The three buttons along the top, which look like a silver-and-red backbone, are particularly eye-catching. Never answer calls, emails, and don’t have an address of any type posted. Then when that didn’t work they gave me a rma for return got a new one back in five days not bad for Alaska.

I will definately be looking to buy one ifp7-90.