Monitors are available in 15 and 17 inch while hard drives are 4. Should Amazon be worried? Because of this uncertainty, IBM machines were sold without Windows 95, while Compaq , HP , and other companies sold machines with Windows 95 from day one. In response to retrobrite, how are you guys getting the UV light onto your yellowed plastic? I’m not very comfortable leaving my computer bezels outside because I have 3 kids which will probably destroy the merchandise. The word in quotes relates to the internal development name for the computer. A lovely machine restored to good health.

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Remember the good old days using this pc to play hover racing qptivapitfall, and cyberia that all came bundle with the system. Second I now want some IBM ss7 machine. Five major challenges facing Apple in It still works fine though, haven’t had any problems with it.

IBM Aptiva – Wikipedia

I was going to buy one of those and I am glad I did not. Retrieved from ” https: Aptiva computers were typically sold as a bundle which included monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse.


Later machine type numbers did not have the same nomenclature. The worst xptiva failures of Would the blueish grow bulb put out enough UV for the retrobrite to work?

Pressing the blue button caused the upper panel to slide down and reveal the removable disk drives. An IBM Aptiva tower unit from Like Liked by 1 person. They are just not what I expected.

Monitors are available in 15 and 17 inch while hard drives are 4. Board index All times are UTC. Aphiva IBM’s continued decline in hardware, that was more than offset by the company shifting focus to the more lucrative e-business integrated e-commerce and Internet technology solutions.

PC Blast from My Past: The IBM Aptiva – The PractitioNERD

Throughout the s, IBM lost the most market share in PCs during that decade compared to its rivals, and only the ThinkPad laptop remained a stronghold. They are cheap Radio Shack stuff. These machines are really cool. The site was removed when Imb discontinued its web hosting services, but some pages still remain on ptd. Is this new box still really AI is the most disruptive technology of our lifetimes, and AI chips are the most disruptive infrastructure for AI.


It still works fine though. One month with the Google Pixel Slate: After a retrobright, good as new! Thanks for that Third I also use these Logitech mice they are great.

The case is unique quality so I prefer to upgrade inside. The usually sold Aptiva computers bundles included: Lbm co-creators of the credit-card-sized board reveal the many challenges they overcame to build the breakthrough machine.

There is also a choice of 14 or 15 inch monitors and hard drives ranging from 2.

I have all of the software for this machine. Mine wasn’t perfect either.

Should Amazon be worried? If you get this this, let me know. As a result, Microsoft “punished the IBM PC Company with higher prices, a late license for Windows 95and the withholding of technical and marketing support. I guess this depends on where you live and the sun.