Mar 16, , How can I install this driver without issue? Last edited by xStatiCa; Mar 16, at Replied Aug 02 , It only applies to Linux users.

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Is there an driver update soon? Return to Batteries and Chargers. I just don’t see myself going larger than 6s anytime soon and I want to fast charge in the c2p101 this year so the PL-8 will probably work best for me. I bought an i Duo3 and was just trying it out now but I can’t get it to complete the charge.

Firmware updates – if improperly done – have the potential to make your charger inoperable. Each time new leads etc were swapped etc to verify that it was infact the balancer. Any updateable Hyperion charger with hardware version 3 or higher has built-in USB and cable included in the box. Now when I try to install the 64 bit driver I get a message that the device driver installation wizard was unable to find any drivers designed for my machine.


Last edited by xStatiCa; Mar 16, at Images View all Images in thread Views: Replied Jan 269: Easiest way under Fedora 11 is to add the dialout group to your user.

Mar 06, Hyperiom could follow below KB to manually remove the old driver: Most of them were replaced under warranty but nevertheless a hassle. Any further news on the release of the SuperDuo? I just sold off my so I can get another 24V capable charger to go with my duo. Instead of going the “automatic way,” choose manual, pick comm ports, pick.

Sign up now to remove ads between posts. Replied Aug 012: Big Fil Registered User. I installed it in another computer still running 8.

HYPERION EOS NET, DUO, and DUO2 Chargers – Page – RC Groups

As you can see on the screenshot, error state that windows could not load the drivers. Replied Dec 224: When I uninstall driver and install again sometimes error disappear but after reboot it is show again.


I use Windows 10 so downloaded from your website latest driver compatible with Windows Your USB port should support spec 2. Mar 16, Mar 28, Remember Me Forgot Password? I’ve now followed the link in PhillipB’s post and all is well.


I haven’t connect any external device which use this driver don’t know it it works but as you can see Windows gives error in device manager. Sep 12, Replied Jan 07 Your packs will store just fine. Might have to have a closer look.